‘Is This Their Way of Saying They Got Married?: A$AP Rocky Proposes to Rihanna In ‘D.M.B.’ Music Video, Fans React

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are expecting a child soon, and their fans went crazy after learning the rapper proposed to the recording artist in his latest music video, “D.M.B.” Rocky dropped the music video on May 5.

Rihanna stars in the music video for “D.M.B.,” and, according to Variety, the video is “an ode to the classic love story, with Rocky and Rihanna depicting true ride-or-die characters in a devoted relationship despite their circumstances.”

Rihanna A$AP Rocky
Rihanna and A$AP Rocky marry in his music video for “D.M.B.” (Photo: YouTube)

The music video shows the couple living together, dining together and smoking blunts (before her pregnancy). Rihanna is also seen picking up her man from jail.

Rocky found a unique way of asking for Rihanna’s hand in marriage in the video and wore a grill that spelled out “Marry me?” Rihanna responded to the question in the music video with her own grill which spelled out, “I do.” The couple is also seen getting married in the video.

Rocky raps about his relationship with the “Stay” singer in the music video and compliments her for being his ride or die while referring to her as “my b—h.” 

Fans were ecstatic on social media and congratulated the couple despite not knowing if they are actually engaged. “This is so beautiful and sweet,” wrote one fan. “Congratulations to Rihanna and Asap rocky.”

“A$AP Rocky proposing to Rihanna with grills that say ‘marry me’ is the most rocky sh-t ever lmaoo,” wrote another Twitter user.

“This part really got me Rihanna and ASAP Rocky being soo in love is what I love to see,” wrote another user.

Other Twitter users wanted to know if the couple was married for real after seeing the music video. “Is this their way of saying they got married?” Another Twitter user replied, “Wondering the same.”


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