‘This is How You Stay Rich Forever’: Rick Ross Gives Back to People of Angola and Fans React 

Last week, Rick Ross received backlash on social media after the rapper revealed that he was creating a reality show about wealth despite his past comments about television not being a lucrative way to make money.

On April 17, fans began singing a different tune after Ross used his fortune to bless the people of Angola. Angola is located in southern Africa. Ross, who went to Africa for a scheduled performance, was seen spending time with and giving money to the townspeople.

Rick Ross’ fans commend the rapper for spending time and giving money to Angola residents. Photos:@richforever/Instagram

In addition to the various clips and photo, Ross expressed in the caption how love is the most valuable thing in the world. He wrote, “Love is priceless. Woke up Easter morning in Angola and chose to walk amongst the people the day of Resurrection. A day of hope.”

As fans viewed the Miami native’s upload, many mentioned in the comments section that Ross’ compassion and generosity toward others shows why he is so successful. 

“This is how you stay rich forever love this.”

“That is awesome @richforever keep up the good energy my brother. you don’t know how you just made my day seeing this.”

@richforever god bless you Rick keep being a blessing to others and spread love.”

“That’s what’s up .Y’all don’t give Rick enough respect dude really be staying out the way and making lanes for others.”

“Before being an excellent professional, be a good human being! You really showed that you are a good human being.”

Among the previous remarks, one social media user pointed out how good it felt to see Ross go to all parts of Africa. That person wrote, “I love how Ross always goes to see how the people really living. From rich Africa to poor Africa, man’s has seen it all. Bless and protect the Boss at all costs!”

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