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‘Not the One That Tried to Clown 50’: Rick Ross Shares He’s Filming a Television Show About Wealth and Fans Bring Up 50 Cent

Over the years, Rick Ross has candidly disclosed the importance of entrepreneurship and maintaining wealth on his social media page. 

The “Aston Martin Music” rapper seems to be taking his words of wisdom to the small screen after announcing that he is filming a television show about wealth over the weekend. 

Rick Ross shares that he will be creating a television show about wealth. Photo:@richforever/Instagram

In the now-deleted Instagram story shared on April 9, Ross said while getting a touch-up on his beard in what appears to be his residence, “The time has come, and the perfect time is now. You hear me, so what I’m going to do is go ahead. I’m going to do me a show.”

He added, “It’s going to be about wealth based on success. We are actually filming right now. I hope y’all ready for it ’cause I’m going to talk about some big numbers. Big numbers. It’s the nine-figure club. You figure.”

Despite sharing the news of his latest project, Ross didn’t reveal the name nor the expected date his television show is scheduled to debut. As Ross’ announcement circulated online, many brought up the Miami native’s past comments about 50 Cent not making money from television shows. 

“I thought @richforever you said ain’t no money in Tv shows . So 50 cent ain’t getting no money in it.”

“I don’t think the boss got his number right if he said there not enough money in Tv our movies, it must be something because he trying to get in it, But let’s set the record Straight none of 50 shows right now can’t be f–k with only one thing give his shows some go and that’s snowfall.”

“Nah man nah. This the same clown that said he wasn’t going to tv. He was pocket watching and hating on 50 Cent because according to him ‘There isn’t any money in television.’”

“Not the one that tried to clown 50, saying that he wouldn’t do tv because there isn’t any money in it.”

Ross’ shady remarks occurred last year during an interview with GQ magazine after the rapper claimed that 50 Cent only made $250,000 from “BMF.” The Starz hit series follows the real-life events of a drug trafficking organization known as the Black Mafia Family.

He told the publication, “I could put [my issues with 50] to the side. I know he may have made a quarter million off the whole season. I’m happy he made that quarter.”

Ross reiterated his previous sentiments as the journalist interviewing the star laughed. “You know that’s what he made. Why you laughing like that? And make sure you put all these details in. I’ll never let you interview me again if you take that out. Keep it. But, look, I know he made 250K off the whole season, and that’s good. Tell him I said, ‘Congratulations.’”

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