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‘She This Big Now’: Steph and Ayesha Curry’s Fans are Left Shocked After Seeing How Much Their Daughter Riley Has Grown

In 2015, Steph and Ayesha Currys daughter Riley Curry became an internet sensation when the then 2-year-old stole the spotlight at a press conference for the NBA finals. 

As the Golden State Warriors point guard discussed his victory over the Houston Rockets during the interview, Riley joined her father on the podium and said a series of phrases, including “You’re too loud Daddy,” and “Be quiet,” while walking up and down the platform. 

Fans are left stunned by how much Steph and Ayesha Curry’s daughter Riley has grown. Photo:@ayeshacurry/Instagram

Since then, Riley has continued making headlines. Many are expressing how shocked they are this time by how much Riley has grown after a photo of her went viral over the weekend. On April 16, Twitter user @jameekabouie captured a screenshot of Riley, now 9, attending a Golden State Warriors game with her mother and brother.

The tweet read, “Riley Curry effortlessly serving.” As the post circulated online, many mentioned how quickly Riley had grown.

“What!!! She this big now???”

“Ain’t no way that’s the same child.”

“No way she done grown up on us.”

“How did she go from 2 to 10 in like five years.”

“Yooo when did she grow up so fast?! Where tf I been.”

In addition to the previous remarks, others claimed that children of famous parents grow faster than those of non-celebrity parents. One wrote, “Celebrities’ kids grow up fast as hell.” Another said, “Ain’t no damn way. I swear celebrity kids grow up a lot faster.” 

A third social media user posted, “Celebrity kids age faster than us average humans, lol.”

This viral post comes months after Ayesha Curry revealed on Instagram that Riley helped officiate a wedding renewal ceremony for her parents, which took place last September. While sharing an image from the special day, she wrote, “A couple of weeks ago @stephencurry30 surprised me with the most beautiful vow renewal ceremony. He even picked out my dress for me and had it waiting.”

She added, “Our big girl Riley officiated, and Ryan and Canon walked me through the grass of our backyard. It’s everything I’ve always dreamed of but didn’t know could be possible in this way. A moment I will never forget. I love you @stephencurry30.” 

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