‘It Ain’t Even Enough Room for Him to Dance’: Fans Are Left In Tears After Shaq Takes on This Dance Challenge

Shaquille O’ Neal has been a fan favorite on social media over the years for his numerous viral videos. One of the clips included the 50-year-old playing basketball with his adult daughters.

On April 11, O’ Neal decided to take on a TikTok dance challenge that incorporated leg movements. In the recording, the former basketball player is seen sliding in an undisclosed location as Jersey Anniversary’s “Aye Bay Bay” track blared in the background. The 2022 single sampled “Anniversary” by Tony! Toni! Toné!.

Shaq’s fans are in shambles after the former basketball player takes on a new TikTok challenge. Photo:@shaq/TikTok

For the post’s caption, O’Neal wrote, “Big boy got them twinkle toes.” Although details surrounding the trend are uncertain, fans viewing the recording expressed in the comments section that O’Neal was too big to try this challenge.

“It ain’t even enough room for my man to dance.”

“Now Shaq KNOW he too big for all that.”

“I don’t expect a 7’1 50 year old to move like them youngins. But an A for effort!”

“One thing about Shaq, is he gon do something he know he too damn big to be doing.”

“He know he too damn big to be trying that.”

In addition to the remarks about O’Neal’s stature, others brought up that they are often left entertained by his posts. One wrote, “Shaq will always make your day with laughter.” Another said, “I really enjoy his sense of humor. Great guy.” 

A third person posted, “Good man Shaq, always positive, thank you for the good vibes. “This post comes weeks after O’Neal attempted to show off his singing abilities

That act by Shaq took place on March 24, after the “Inside the NBA” sports analyst was seen mouthing the lyrics to Jackson 5’s “Who’s Loving You.” He captioned the Instagram upload, “when i had you thanks to my backup singer @iamelijaheverett.” 

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