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‘All That Money and They Have Feet That Look Like That?’: Rick Ross and Shaq Shut Down the Internet with Their Feet

Rick Ross and Shaquille O’Neal found themselves making headlines this week for an unexpected reason, after images of their unkempt feet went viral.

O’Neal’s feet were broadcast on Feb. 9 during an episode of “NBA on TNT” after he walked barefoot into the studio. The clip showcased a close-up look of the 49-year-old’s dry and crusty toes while he and his co-hosts, including Dwyane Wade, Ernie Johnson and Candace Parker, discussed the upcoming NBA All-Star game.

Rick Ross and Shaquille O’Neal Photo:@richforever @shaq/Instagram

When asked why his feet were ashy given his endorsement deal with Gold Bond, a skin-care company, O’Neal simply stated, “That’s not ash; that’s dry skin.” The following day on Feb. 10, Ross uploaded a photo of his feet on his Instagram Story.

In the now-deleted image, the rapper appeared to ask his followers to assist him in putting on lotion. He said, alongside a meter scale, “Lotion me?” As fans began to view O’Neal and Ross’ feet, many expressed they were flabbergasted by the state of both men’s feet, given how wealthy they are.

“They got WAYYYY TOO much mf money to be walking around with flinstone feet.”

Rick Ross (left) and Shaquille O’ Neal (right) caused an uproar on social media after images of their feet began circulating online. Photo:@richforever/Instagram and @nbaontnt/YouTube

“They too rich to have crusty feet.”

“Y’all got too much money to have feet like that idgaf that’s nasty asf like y’all are not in the trenches no more!!!!”

“All that money and they have feet that look like that??”

“They have to start doing better. All the money in the world and designer whatever doesn’t mean s–t if your teeth, toes, nails, and hygiene is not up to par.”

Among the previous remarks, others went as far as to compare the condition of Ross’ and O’Neal’s feet. One wrote, “Honestly, Rick just needs lotion, but Shaq needs some work done lmao.” Another said, “Well, at least Rozay got toenails. Shaq’s toenails need to be repaired. He needs a whole treatment.”

Despite the commotion both Ross and O’Neal caused on social media, it is unclear what provoked the feet reveals.

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