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‘Not Bad for 64’: Ice-T Shocks Fans with This Shirtless Pic 

Tracy Lauren Marrow, also known by his stage name Ice-T, is recognized for his rapping and acting skills, having sold millions of records worldwide and starring in numerous hit projects, including NBC’s “Law & Order SVU.”

But on April 3, Marrow had millions of his followers talking for a different reason after the 64-year-old showcased his rock-hard abs while posting a shirtless Instagram photo. In the post, Marrow is seen posing in front of a mirror in what appears to be his home.

Ice-T shocks his followers on April 3 after showcasing his abs in a shirtless photo. @icet/Instagram

Alongside the image, Marrow expressed that the photo only occurred after the star was admiring the reflection of his physique. He wrote in the caption, “Just walked by my mirror and said..’Hold up, not bad for 64..’ If I say so myself! Lol”

As fans began to view Marrow’s upload, many praised him for his figure. At the same time, a couple of individuals went as far as to suggest that Marrow change his age in the caption. 

“I See Ya OG #HealthIsWealth.”

“You should be walking by that mirror and saying to yourself “damn, not bad for 35! “Looking good as always Ice!”

“Beast mode Ice can’t fade a legend.”

“Definitely not bad at all OG. The future shows the past when it comes to our bodies especially. Keep the good health.”

“Flip them numbers man that’s a body of a 46 at best. But get at it!”

In addition to the compliments, others mentioned how shocked they were to find out that Marrow was in his 60s, given his youthful appearance. One wrote, “Your 64…. No way. I thought you were in your mid 50’s.” Another said, “You’re 64?”

A third Instagram user stated, “Damn 64 thought u were around maybe 50.”

In March, Marrow credited intermittent fasting, 10-15 minute workouts sessions, and also eating in moderation as the secrets to maintaining his figure during an interview with GQ magazine. At the same time, the 64-year-old discussed the importance of taking care of one’s health.

During the conversation, Marrow admits that a wake-up call occurred after seeing his friends pass away from heart disease and high blood pressure at an early age.

He told the publication, “I’m one of the older hip-hop cats. I just turned 64. People are like, ‘wow, you don’t look 64’ all the time, and I tell them that’s because I take care of myself.I’ve seen some of my friends pass away in their 40s from just neglect. It’s a wake-up call now, as men — especially Black men — we don’t go to the doctor until something’s wrong.”

Marrow added, “I want guys to know it’s OK to look out for your health, care about your family, and care about your loved ones.”

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