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Ice-T Plays Gang Member In Film Highlighting Tensions Between Police and Black Community

Ice-T and Anthony “Treach” Criss from Naughty by Nature co-star in the film “Equal Standard” about the often tense relationship between Black men and the police.

The film will be released on Thursday, May 14, where it can be rented. Its premiere was pushed up so people can watch it during the COVID-19 period.

Ice-T stars in the film “Equal Standard” that will be released on May 14 through streaming. (Photo: @therealtaheim/Instagram)

Tobias Truvillion, who recently played Derek “D-Major” Major on Fox’s “Empire,” also co-stars with Ice-T as an NYPD officer who’s shot by one of his colleagues.

Ice-T and co-director Taheim Bryan discussed the film during an interview on New York’s PIX11 Morning News last year, and the rapper explained what drew him to it.

“I’ve always been into talking about what’s going on, current events basically in my music, everything, my whole career,” he said. “So when Taheim got at me and he said he had this script, I read the script and I said this is a wonderful script because it’s not one-sided.”

“It shows all the different sides of the problem. It shows it from the police’s side, from the streets’ side, from the family side and I said this is cool,” Ice-T added.

Bryan, who raised money for the film, wrote the script and is a co-producer on the project, talked about why it was so important for him to get it made and why people should see it.

“I felt a project like this was something that really was needed for the community, as well to create a voice for a lot of the whispers that you hear out there that you don’t get a chance to hear what they say,” he explained.

Others who play in the film include Syleena Johnson and Onyx rapper Fredro Starr.

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