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‘This Ain’t Gone End Well’: Keyshia Cole and Antonio Brown Ignite Dating Rumors After the Singer is Reportedly Seen Sporting an ‘AB’ Tattoo

It’s been almost two weeks since it was confirmed that Keyshia Cole and Antonio Brown were musically collaborating on an untitled track after a video of Cole closely dancing to the shirtless football player went viral.

Despite the chemistry between the pair on-set, no other details surrounding Cole and Brown’s current relationship status have been released. But on April 3, in a now-deleted Instagram post, Brown gave fans a hint of how serious the duo may be by uploading a video allegedly of Cole showing off a tattoo of his initials.

Keyshia Cole and Antonio Brown spark more dating rumors after the football player posts and deletes a video of Cole sporting an “AB” tattoo. Photo:@theneighborhoodtalk/Instagram

The former Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver wrote the caption, “Shawty say she love me, so she tatted my name. So I ever leave her, then I’m leavin’ a stain.” As Brown’s video began making its rounds on social media, many voiced their opinions on this potential pairing.

Although some expressed this may be a publicity stunt for Cole and Brown’s music video, others claimed that both individuals shouldn’t be together, given their toxic dating history.

Cole was previously married to Daniel “Booby” Gibson until their divorce in 2017, and has been publicly linked to Jeezy, Birdman, Bow Wow and Niko Hale. Cole also made headlines for two rappers she previously dated, Bow Wow and Birdman.

The controversy surrounding those relationships stemmed from Cole allegedly destroying Bow Wow‘s car and allegedly beating up a woman in Birdman’s home. On the other hand, Brown has been accused of cheating on the mother of his three children and fiancée Chelsie Kyriss.

“They are the last people on earth that need to be dating each other. Crazy and crazier I’m sorry.”

“These are two crazy mofos that don’t need to be together. LOL.”

“Do anybody remember when Keyshia f–ked up Bow Wow’s car, and F–ked up that chick at Birdman’s house cuz they were playing in her face??? This ain’t gone end well…”

“It’s probably for a music video. She’s not that dumb.”

“Definitely FOR A VIDEO!!! My girl wouldn’t dare do that to herself.”

Keyshia Cole opened up about wanting to have more children prior to Antonio Brown sharing a video of the singer rocking an “AB” tattoo. Photo:@keyshiacole/Instagram

In addition to the previous remarks, several social media users brought up Cole’s desire of wanting to have another child in light of the dating rumors. One wrote, “She talking bout she wants a daughter that’s that new man talk.” Another said, “Hope that’s not who her daughter gonna be from.”

The same day Brown uploaded a video of what appears to be Cole, the “Love” singer shared an Instagram story disclosing that she wanted to try to have a daughter next year.

While mentioning her two sons, she said, “I wanna try at having a daughter next year. After I shoot this movie I’m doing at the end of the year. I love my children so much!!! A girl would seal the deal.”

Despite the timing of Brown and Cole’s separate posts, it is still unclear if the two are indeed an item.

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