‘Sis Beat Up Bird Man Side Chick’: Keyshia Cole Recalls Craziest Thing She Did for Love, Fans Disagree and Bring Up Past Incidents of Hers

Keyshia Cole is letting out a major secret about the craziest thing she’s ever done in a relationship.

The second season of BET’s “Games People Play” premiered on Tuesday, Oct. 19, and for the promo the R&B singer detailed one crazy thing that she’s done when she was in love. “I’ve literally never shared this with anybody, so this is the first time,” she said.

Keyshia Cole reveals the craziest thing she’s done for love. (Photo: @keyshiacole/Instagram)

Without naming names, Cole continued, “But, climb up on someone’s roof, from the car, to the window, to the room window to see if he was in there with another girl,” she continued. “And he actually was and this was my first love and of course I left. I had to see what was going on. The games people play.”

However, some fans were not amused at all and even called the singer out for not being honest about not naming the true craziest moments she’s had in a relationship. One person said, “Sis beat up bird man side chick and egged Bow wows car sooooo that ain’t the worst.

Another person wrote, “So she not going to mention how she beat up that girl at Birdman house and she had to pay the girl.” Someone else said, “She lying! The craziest thing she ever did in a relationship was when she was slidin up and down that piano listening to eyes better not wonder and posted that shit to IG for birdman to see. I have not forgot Keyshia.”

The fans were referring to the year 2014 when Keyshia Cole was in a relationship with Cash Money Records CEO Birdman. During their relationship, there was a moment when Cole attempted to make a sexy post for her man. She recorded herself grinding on top of a piano with two other men also dancing in the background, posted it, and tagged Birdman’s then Instagram handle.

Another much more serious and legal incident that occurred with Cole and Birdman is when Cole came to his condo in L.A. and attacked the woman that was there. Cole accused him of cheating, and, according to the woman, Cole scratched her, yanked her hair and punched her in the face. The woman sued Cole, and she was awarded over $100,000. Birdman broke up with Cole over the incident.

As for her relationship with Bow Wow, which began and ended in 2016, he and his friends claimed Keyshia Cole egged his car when he ended their relationship. Unfortunately, whoever did egg his car got it wrong and accidentally egged his friend’s car. However, Cole has repeatedly denied the allegations.

As for any current relationships, earlier this year Cole was seeing someone and used to upload posts about him while keeping his identity anonymous. However, since the passing of her mother in July she has yet to talk more about him, so it is unclear whether they are still together.

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