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‘He Talks Too Much’: Bow Wow Reveals That He Dated Keyshia Cole and Blac Chyna, Will Talk About It on New Album

Bow Wow is spilling his own dating life tea, once again bringing up his former relationship with Keyshia Cole and then dropping the bomb that he’s also hooked up with reality TV star Blac Chyna.

During a conversation with his mother, Teresa Caldwell, on WE tv’s “Growing Up Hip-Hop: Atlanta,” the 33-year-old rapper revealed that he’d like to dedicate his next album to his former loves by creating songs for each of the ladies who have made an impact on him throughout his life.

(L-R): Bow Wow, Keyshia Cole, Blac Chyna Photo: @shadmoss/@keyshiacole/@blacchyna/Instagram

Bow Wow opened up about wanting to create an album that’s “different than ever been done,” to his mom, before explaining how he was inspired to center his upcoming record around songs dedicated to a few choice ladies he dated who left a mark on his life, with the working title “Letter to My Exes.”

“Each song is about a girl who I shared a priceless, a piece of my life with,” he said during their conversation. “There’s going to be a little bit of backlash from it. Just gotta wait and see. I know they’re gonna be nervous. I know the women are going to be nervous because it’s Bow, so it’s like ‘Oh ok, what is he going to say?’… it’s going to be dope.”

When his mom asked whether anyone will be called out by name, Bow replied “Yes. The songs are going to be them,” to which Ms. Caldwell appeared concerned, replying, “Oh God.”

After he promised that the possible project would stick to the facts, “dancing around nothing,” Bow’s mom immediately began naming names, listing “Ang [Angela Simmons], Keyshia Cole, who else?”

Although he played coy about who all is included on his list, the “Like You” rapper teased that the reveals will make fans go wild, promising “When they see the tracklist and see these names, the Internet is going to go crazy.”

Admitting to her son that she just thought he “liked strippers,” Bow dropped the bomb that she’s not totally wrong, revealing he dated one of the most well-known strippers in the game. “Well, yeah, there’s a girl in there that used to strip,” he replied. “I’m talking about a girl who went from dancing to she hit the lotto. Blac Chyna. Don’t nobody know that.”

Fans got a kick out of watching Bow Wow dish on his own past love life and called him out for being too willing to tell his business.

“This man talks too much like what do we suppose to do with this information 🤔”

“One thing bow wow gon do is TALK and flex”

“He talks too much. But he lowkey has a nice lineup😂”

“Bow wow challenge still going huh 😏”

“Why kiss and tell? Keep it private!!”

Bow’s “Letter to My Exes” album appears to be moving forward based on a social media post he shared in September, but no release date had been set as of the time of this writing.

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