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‘I Just Had to Get My Act Together’: Reginae Carter Reveals Why She Stopped Clapping Back at Negative Fan Comments

In the past, Reginae Carter has been known to clap back at individuals on social media who threw gibes or spewed negative comments at her, her former relationship with rapper YFN Lucci, or family members.

On March 29, the 23-year-old explained during an interview with “The Breakfast Club” why she recently decided to turn the other cheek when it comes to negative remarks. Carter disclosed on mark 19:11 the two reasons stemmed from her age and her future goals in life.

Reginae Carter explains why she doesn’t clap back anymore at negative fan comments anymore. (Photo: Breakfastclubpower105.1fm/YouTube)

She said, “I wanted to do stuff in life. … You don’t know who’s in room. You don’t know who you going to clap back to that you might need one day. You know, I want to act, it’s so many directors, and it’s so many people that might hear that I clap back at this person.”

Carter continued the discussion while providing insight into what it’s like being a celebrity’s daughter. Carter is the daughter of entrepreneur and reality star Toya Johnson and rapper Dwayne “Lil Wayne” Carter.

The model stated, “So I just had to get my act together, and I’m still working on myself still till this day because, you know, you got to understand I am this celebrity kid who’s grown up. I had young parents. I always heard the word yes, I never heard the word no until I got older, to the point ‘I don’t care who your parents are. I don’t care, no.’ In this acting world you really hear it.”

She wrapped up the conversation by saying she had to “humble” herself following the noes she encountered during the acting process. As Carter’s remarks circulated online, many applauded the star on her growth. An individual even described the constant bickering on social media as “wasted energy.”

“Growth not even worth your energy.”

“It’s wasted energy for anyone to go back & forth on social media with keyboard bullies. Good for her! She has more important things to do.”

“Now that’s growth I love that for her.”

“I love it! Self awareness helps to create better relationships all around.”

“I love her growth and retrospect on how she addressed things in the past and how she is learning how to move in the industry.”

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