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‘Put My Girl In Next Season’: Reginae Carter Impresses Fans with Her Acting Chops In Reenactment of ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Episode

Reginae Carter left fans amazed on Tuesday, Feb. 1, after the 23-year-old showcased her acting skills while recreating a scene from Starz’s hit series “Power Book II: Ghost.”

The scene that Carter reenacted occurred during the Jan. 23 episode where (spoiler alert) LaToya Tonodeo’s character Diana Tejada revealed family secrets, including her mother Monet Tejada having a secret child. Mary J. Blige portrays the role of Monet Tejada.

Reginae Carter impresses fans with her acting abilities after her re-enactment of a scene from the hit show “Power Book II: Ghost.” Photo:@itsreginaecarter/Instagram

In the clip, Carter says, while portraying Diana, “I’m not the only one f–king somebody I ain’t supposed to ma. How about the fact you f–king some dude named Dante.” The video continues with Blige’s character Monet being held back by her other children and denying the allegations.

Carter, who is still playing Diana’s role, added, “I’m sorry, let me clarify real quick. I mean Zeke’s dad.” As the argument begins to escalate, the video ends with Carter disclosing the identity of Ezekiel “Zeke” Cross’ mother after Daniel Bellomy’s character began questioning the statements.

She said, “Jesus Christ Zeke, what the f–k. That ain’t your f–king auntie. That’s your mother.” In addition to the recording, Carter captioned the post, “I’m back with the bs.” As the reality star’s fans began to view her reenactment, many expressed how moved they were by her performance. An individual even mentioned Carter’s perfectly timed gesture as the argument intensified in the scene. 

“Someone get this baby a contract.”

“The jump back when the chaos erupted.”

“Somebody get her a gig now!”

“You are a great actress.”

“It’s the Talent for Me.She’s a natural.”

Among the praise, others tagged “Power'” executive producer 50 Cent in hopes of getting Carter a potential role. One wrote, “Yesss put my girl in next season @50cent.” Another said, “@50cent put @itsreginaecarter in Puhleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.”

A third person wrote, “@50cent cut her a check.”

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