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‘I Never Wanted to be Broke and Married’: Fans React After Gucci Mane Shares That Money Keeps His Wife Happy in a Resurfaced Clip

Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka’oir are known for flaunting their wealth on social media. So it came as no surprise when the rapper admitted in a resurfaced video on March 24 that money keeps his wife happy. 

The clip was originally from Gucci’s 2018 interview with Big Boy TV He said on mark 12:04 when asked one of the factors that keep a happy household, “it’s all about the money.”

Keyshia Ka'Oir
Gucci Mane and his wife Keyshia Ka’oir. (Photo: @keyshiakaoir/Instagram)

As Big Boy’s co-hosts asked Gucci to elaborate on his response, the “Wake Up in the Sky” emcee stated, “we have two incomes. My wife is rich as hell. But I feel like, for me, it’s just a personal thing. I would’ve never got married if I wasn’t financially well off. Since I was little, I was like I want to be rich, and I want to be married. If you ain’t got no money, then why would you want to be married. I never wanted to be broke and married.”

When Big Boy intervened and asked Gucci if love also contributed to the pair’s happiness, he said, “Yeah, you want to be in love, but if you ain’t go no money, what you going to pay the bills [with].”

Gucci Mane revealed during a resurfaced “Big Boy TV” clip how being financially stable is the key to keeping his wife Keyshia Ka’oir happy. @worldstar/Instagram

Gucci wrapped up his statement by saying it isn’t about being rich but rather being at peace. “It’s about just being at peace and being happy. How you going to be happy if you worrying about all these things.” As fans viewed the clip, which was posted on Worldstar’s Instagram page, many agreed with Gucci’s remarks.

“No lies told here.”

“He actually has a point.”

“Realest s–t I’ve ever heard but people gonna keep lying and say Love. Foh.”

“I agree you ain’t gotta be super rich but you don’t want finances to a problem ever.”

Gucci and Keyshia have been married since 2017.

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