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‘I Wasn’t Sure We Were Going to Come Back from It’: Kandi Burruss Shares That She And Marlo Hampton Had ‘Serious Beef’ While Filming Season 14 of ‘RHOA’

Kandi Burruss disclosed during a recent interview that she and Marlo Hampton had a temporary feud while shooting season 14 of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

Burruss, who was promoting her upcoming spin-off show “Kandi and The Gang,” explained to “Daily Blast Live” co-host Erica Cobb on March 2 that the beef between her and Hampton was unexpected because she was one of the star’s biggest supporters.

Kandi Burruss (right) reveals to Erica Cobb (left) from “Daily Blast Live” that she and her “RHOA” co-star Marlo Hampton had a falling out during the show’s 14th season. Photo:@dailyblastlive/YouTube

The 45-year-old said, “Marlo and I had some real serious beef that happened this year. It was crazy. I wasn’t expecting it because I was one of the main people who were rooting for her to get her peach. I did not think we would have that type of falling out.”

She added that the pair now is on good terms, she added, “But we were able to fix it… You know its not like we’re still in a bad place. But at that time, I wasn’t sure we were going to come back from it.”

Burruss wrapped up her statement by saying that when the two were at odds with each other, Hampton had “a lot going on” in her life. This revelation comes months after the Xscape singer shared on her Amazon live that she and an unknown cast member got into a verbal altercation.

In January, Burruss said, “I bumped heads with somebody real bad. Real bad last week and I can’t tell y’all who it is because I got in trouble already for telling y’all scenes that’s happened during filming. But yes, I got into it real, real bad. They had me talking real crazy to them.”

The mother of three continued, “Please forgive me when you hear the stuff that I said. It was terrible. I was upset. I was mad. They was talking crazy to me too now, so it wasn’t one-sided. Be clear. It wasn’t just me. But y’all just have to wait till the show airs because I’m not telling y’all who it was.”

Details surrounding the premiere date of “RHOA” season 14 are unclear. Meanwhile, Burruss’ spin-off series “Kandi and the Gang” is set to air on March 6 at 9 p.m. EST on the Bravo Network.

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