‘Everytime You Do This It Points Back to You Know Who’: Tiffany Haddish’s Fans are Convinced She and Common Will Reunite After This Happened

Tiffany Haddishs fans are confident that she and het ex Common will come together sometime soon after the comedian participated in yet another Instagram filter game.

Haddish and Common first met on the set of “The Kitchen” in 2019, and began seeing each other romantically shortly afterward. In November 2021, the pair reportedly split after dating for over a year. At the time, sources claimed that busy schedules supposedly led to Haddish and Common’s breakup.

Tiffany Haddish’s fans are certain that she and her ex Common may get back together after the comedian participated in another Instagram game. Photo:@tiffanyhaddish/Instagram

Following the breakup announcement to People magazine, the rapper confirmed the unnamed sources’ reports and stated it was mutual decision between both parties. Haddish denied Common’s claims in a December interview.

In the Instagram upload, the “Girls Trip” star was seen partaking in a future-related-themed game called “In 2022 I Will Be.” As Haddish, who appears to be on set for an undisclosed project, waited for her answer, she said, “In 2022 [where] will I be. What will I be doing?”

When the filter game fell on “Get back with lover,” Haddish’s demeanor quickly shifted from being curious about what awaited for her year to confusion. She ended the video by asking “Which one?” to the supposed fortune.

As fans began to view the 42-year-old’s post, many couldn’t help but mention Haddish’s recent ex.

“Which one. hahahahha. with the last one maybe.”

“@common and @tiffanyhaddish, need any more confirmations?”

Tiffany Haddish Photo:@tiffanyhaddish/Instagram

“Everytime you do this it points back to you know who.”

“Common the internet agrees lol.”

Among the Common remarks, others demanded that Haddish stop participating in the filter games because they claim the activity keeps bringing up her past relationship with Common. One wrote, “That’s twice now. You better stop playing with that app!! Unless they know something, we all don’t.”

Another said, “Leave these games alone… They keep bringing up the past.” A third Instagram user stated, “At this point Instagram doing this to you on purpose lol. Stop playing these games.”

Haddish began playing and posting the Instagram filter game, which included topics pertaining to love and the future, on her page as early as February.

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