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‘There’s Twins In There’: Rihanna’s Latest Appearance Has Fans Zooming In on the Size of the Belly

Rihanna‘s belly became the main attraction on Feb.25 as the star attended a Gucci Fashion Show in Milan.

The singer, who is expecting her first child with partner A$AP Rocky, was seen posing for the camera as she rocked a Gucci from head to toe, including a headpiece, a black crop top, black pants with dragon designs, and a furry lavender coat.

Rihanna’s fans questioned how many babies the singer is having after she attends a Gucci Fashion show in Milan. @fashionbombdaily/Instagram

As Rihanna’s appearance video went viral, many mentioned how frequent the “Umbrella” singer has shown off her belly since announcing she was pregnant back in January. Several individuals even expressed how they loved seeing Rihanna incorporating her growing midsection into her many stylish pieces.

“Rihanna like showing her belly boy..I guess that’s how she enjoying her pregnancy.

“She flaunts her belly like no other, I love that for her!.”

“Rihanna said the people are going to see this belly all 2022.”

“I love that her belly had become one of her greatest accessories.”

“RhiRhi said y’all going get this belly y’all been talking about all these years!!”

In addition to the previous remarks, others claimed that Rihanna appeared to be carrying more than one child, given the size of her belly. One wrote, “Them babies growing. She’s having multiples…. Well I THINK she is. I just feel it in my soul.” Another said, “It’s twins up in there.”

A third social media user stated, “There’s twins in there.” This isn’t the first time fans speculated that the 34-year-old could be having more than one child. Earlier this month, Rihanna debuted her belly on her official Instagram page with the caption, “how the gang pulled up to black history month.”

What brought more attention to the post was when model Gigi Hadid commented on the photo, which only showcased Rihanna and her belly, a crying emoji, and three angels heart arrow emojis.

Following the commotion, Hadid later clarified the three angel emojis symbolized Rihanna, A$AP Rocky, and their unborn child. She said, “I just caught word of this commotion [laughing emoji]. Meant rih / rocky / baby lol.”

Since then no other news regarding Rihanna’s pregnancy has been released.

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