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‘Sis Be Slaying These Fits’: Ciara’s Beauty Left Fans Speechless as She Modeled Multiple Ensembles

Ciara‘s fans were entranced by the singer’s beauty on Wednesday, Feb. 23, after showing off her previous looks in a compilation video.

In the Instagram post, Ciara, who wore four different ensembles, is seen strutting her stuff in various places around what appears to be her home as the track “Hrs and Hrs” by artist Muni Long blares in the background.

Ciara’s fashion post left fans wanting more after the singer shared a video showcasing her previous looks. Photo:@ciara/Instagram

The clothes Ciara modeled in the clip were items she wore throughout the month of February. The list included two black dresses, an all-denim getup and a casual ensemble that consisted of a neon green T-shirt and ripped jeans.

In addition to the video, the 36-year-old used a verse from Long’s “Hrs and Hrs” single as a caption. She wrote, “I can do this for hours…” As fans began to view Ciara’s upload, many expressed how captivated they were by her looks. An individual went as far as to respond to the singer’s caption by mentioning how he or she watched the video “for hours.”

“I can watch for hours!!!!! #soufside in the building. Hurt they a– C!!!”

“Every Single Look (fire emoji).”

“You can do no wrong!”


“Sis be slaying these fits.”

“You are a GODDESS.”

Among the praise, others brought up Ciara’s toned legs. One wrote,”It’s tha legs fa me.” Another said, “Legs for days.”

In the past, Ciara has been very open about her workout regime. Although she has yet to share details about her leg routine, she did, however, mention during a 2019 interview with PEOPLE magazine how she maintains her slim physique.

She says as she lists the combination of exercises, “It’s a combination of plyometrics (jump training), cardiovascular work, and also weight lifting all in one kind of thing. It’s a full on circuit that allows me to hit every target area.”

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