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‘Would You Marry Yourself?’ Ciara and Russell Wilson Share Marriage Advice for Men and Women

Celebrity couple Ciara and Russell Wilson give hope to many looking to find the one. The couple has been blissfully in love since they married in 2016, and share three children.

In 2019, the “Greatest Love” singer revealed she specifically prayed for a man like Wilson after ending her relationship with rapper Future, the father of Ciara’s eldest son, Future.

In 2020, Ciara and her husband Russell Wilson launched their Seattle-based fashion house, The House of LR&C, which stands for Love, Respect & Care. (Photo: @dangerrusswilson/Instagram.)

To inspire others with their love story, The Shade Room captured a clip from Ciara’s Instagram story showing the couple on the way to watch Wilson officiate a wedding. Ciara decided to bring up a conversation she had with others about marriage and knowing when it’s the right time.

She said she asked a male friend would they get married. And instead of excitment, Ciara and Wilson said the friend “was hesitating.”

Ciara then asked Wilson to share the advice he gave the friend about marrying your significant other.

“I said, ‘If you a guy, you should ask yourself, ‘Would you marry yourself?’ ” the Seattle Seahawks quarterback asked. “If you’re a woman if you could marry yourself, would you say yes to yourself? That’s how you know if you’re ready or not. If you’re not ready to marry yourself, you’re not ready to marry someone else.”

Ciara, who agreed with her husband, chimed back in adding, “Mhmmm I like that.”

Aside from gushing over the gorgeous husband-and-wife duo, fans in the comments agreed it was a suitable question for men and women. Many also gave Ciara’s nine-times–pro bowler husband props for sharing an important message about marriage.

“This right here…Russ is the man.”

“This man is always spitting FACTSSS!!!!!!”

“He right tho…[A] valid question to ask yourselves.”

“I agree that’s a question for both man and woman.”

“This makes sense … because you’ll find [as I have recently] marriage (like all healthy relationships) is a mirror. You see & must deal with the true you. That’s the way to truly becoming ONE. If you aren’t ready for that reality then don’t jump into marriage. Wait till you’re ready in heart & mind.”

While taking in such good advice, others focused on Ciara’s “calm” presence while riding next to Wilson.

“I love her energy when she’s with him! So calm and at peace!”

“She’s got herself a winner and he does too I am so happy for the both of them.”

“Ciara over here flaunting her prayer in our face. Ask your man does he have any brothers ok. That’s what we want to know.”

“WILSONS, y’all the ones.”

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