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‘He’s Looking at Her Like He Could Sop Her Up with a Biscuit!’: Fans Swoon Over Russell Wilson Admiring Ciara

Russell Wilson‘s love for his wife Ciara during the couple‘s photo shoot made fans’ hearts melt everywhere on Feb. 19 after they solely focused on his reactions as the singer posed for the camera.

In the two-for-one Instagram upload, Ciara, who wore a neon green T-shirt donned with ripped jeans, sunglasses, and several jewelry pieces, is flaunting her assets as the Seattle Seahawks quarterback admires her beauty from afar.

Ciara’s fans are left in awe after her zooming in on her husband Russell Wilson’s reaction in her latest post. @ciara/Instagram

The first image showcased Russell holding a digital camera and seemingly trying to capture a perfect picture of Ciara. Russell is caught glancing at his wife in the second photo, although he is slightly zoomed out of focus in the frame, as the “Level Up” songstress gave fans a full view of her ensemble.

As fans began to view the captionless upload, many praised Russell’s photographer abilities.

“He hitting them angles.”

“When your husband is your camera man.”

“The most impressive thing here is Russell Wilson shooting Manual with the control ring.”

“Not Russell a photographer now.”

Ciara and Russell Wilson. (Photo: @ciara/Instagram)

In addition to the compliments, others fawned over Russell checking out Ciara. An individual even went as far as to mention the football player’s relaxed posture in the second image. One wrote, “He’s looking at her like he could sop her up with a biscuit!”

Another said, “That man loves his wife, just checking you out……probably the same way when he first fell in love……#LoveAlwaysWins.” A third Instagram user stated, “Look how Russ sitting back admiring you in the 2nd slide I love y’all.”

This post comes weeks after Ciara and Russell, who have been married since 2016, were parading their love on social media during a getaway trip at an undisclosed location. The singer captioned the Jan. 30 upload a heart and sun emoji.

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