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‘Love You’: Macy Gray Responds to Viral Video with Jennifer Hudson After Fans Say Gray Was Too Aggressive

A lot was going on during the 2022 NBA All-Star weekend in Ohio. After the annual event, an interaction between Michael Jordan and Mary J. Blige went viral. Now, fans are doing the same with a video of Macy Gray, Jennifer Hudson, and Dave Chappelle.

After Gray sang her rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” Sunday, Feb. 20, the Grammy Award-winning vocalist linked up with Hudson and Chapelle backstage. In the video, Hudson looked stunned as Gray pulled her in tight for a hug while camera-ready Chappelle prepared to take a photo.

Jennifer Hudson (L) and Macy Gray (R). Photo by Robin L Marshall/WireImage, Arturo Holmes/Getty Images.

Most fans had one question, “Why Macy Gray hug Jennifer Hudson like this!?” Another said, “I have been thinking about that video of Macy Gray and Jennifer Hudson all morning lmfaoo. Why did she hug that woman that hard?”

A third joked, “Macy Gray snatched Jennifer Hudson up like a drunk auntie at the cookout.”

One person cleverly flipped the lyrics to Gray’s empowering 1999 anthem, “I Try,” as if Hudson were singing about their encounter.

They tweeted, “Jennifer Hudson singing about her Macy Gray hug: I tried to say goodbye so she choked I tried to walk away but I stumble.”

Pointing to Gray’s reported bipolar disorder, one person wrote, “The hug was impulsive and aggressive. Which are symptoms of bipolar disorder, which she has openly discussed that she has. She probably didn’t even notice it! No big deal, she was just showing Jenn some love.” Another disagreed, writing, “Baby, she was drunk.”

Gray has openly and publically spoken about her bipolar disorder diagnosis for years. In a Hollywood Life interview in May 2021, the 54-year-old admitted to using various methods, including “therapy,” to help manage her condition.

“Therapy is really important to try to sort yourself out,” she told the outlet. “At least you can understand what you’re going through because, if you understand it then maybe you can adjust and do better.”

In response to the funny commentary, Gray explained that the “aggressive” hug was merely an act of adoration, writing, “Because I f—–g love you! @iamjhud.”

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