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‘REAL MEN Have Always Taken Care of Shelter’:The Game Sparks More Debate, Offers Additional Advice on Relationships

Rapper The Game provided his male followers some advice via Twitter on April 15 while also expanding on women’s roles in a relationship. In a series of tweets, the “Hate It or Love It” emcee talked about why women shouldn’t be required to pay half the rent and suggested men find ways to assume that financial responsibility for their significant other.

He wrote, “Why she gotta pay 1/2 the rent ?? She giving you 1/2 the p–y or sumn ??? N–s kill me…. since the beginning of time REAL MEN have always taken care of shelter, providing & protecting. & if you ain’t got it… go get it !!!” The 41-year-old followed up by saying that a man should shoulder all of the financial load even if he is fortunate to find an independent woman who works and still takes care of their home.

The Game at the VIP Room on Feb. 19, 2016 in Dubai. (Photo: Barcroft Media/Barcroft Media via Getty Images)

“If you’re lucky enough to land an independent woman who works her ass off & still comes home to cook, clean, take care of kids & go krazy sexually…. let her stack what she make in case y’all need it one day & still handle everything as a man !!!”

The rapper added that although he firmly believes in this standard for relationships, he knows not everyone will see his point of view. He concluded the tweet by writing assurance of financial security will keep the fire and passion in any relationship alive. “The term “I got it baby, don’t worry about it”…… makes most [women’s] soul smile, heart warm & vagina get more moist than perfect tollhouse cookies, but what do I know.”

The next day the “How We Do” rapper gave fans insight into why he feels men should assume the bulk of the financial responsibility by bringing up his mother’s struggles of making ends meet and keeping things afloat at home.

He said, “I get it.. n–s is mad at the tweets. But ask ya self why ? Cause you don’t want a real woman, you want a [ROOMMATE]. I’ve seen my mama damn near slave at home & still go work a 10 hour shift as a child & I can’t let MY WOMAN go out like that. If you ain’t that type of man, kool.”

Many people’s reactions to The Game’s tweets indicated that couples should focus on what works best for them rather than listen to a celebrity’s opinion.

“When you have made it to this level of financial freedom, it’s easy to make statements like ‘life is on me’ because some forget the struggles of the ‘everyday man’ grinding to provide for his family. It doesn’t make you any less of a man if you can’t pay for everything. Sit down with your lady and decide what works for y’all.”

“Everyone is different, so just find a partner who suits you.”

“Different strokes for different folks. Keep listening to these wealthy people when you not in their tax bracket
Regardless of how you got about things. That’s between you and your SO. Stop listening to other people and listen to yourself about how you should be living.”

Earlier this week, the rapper stirred up a frenzy among millions of people on social media after sharing his expectations for his potential spouse. He wrote, “Maybe I’m old school but my woman ain’t paying one damn bill. Not rent, not mortgage, not a car note, not nails, hair, clothes, phone or groceries…. if you’re taking care of home, cooking & f–ing the s–t outta me….. LIFE ON ME !!! Period.”

Although The Game’s current relationship status is unknown, the rapper was formerly with his ex-fiancée Tiffany Cambridge, also the mother of his younger children. The pair went their separate ways because of the rapper’s infidelities. 

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