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‘You Really Left Omarion for That’: Fans Bring Up Apryl Jones After Lil Fizz’s Nude Video Gets Leaked 

Lil Fizz‘s ex Apryl Jones became a trending topic on Twitter on Wednesday, Feb. 9, after the rapper’s nude clip surfaced online.

Fizz and Jones, who were first rumored to be dating in 2018, confirmed their relationship the following year on “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.” The pair eventually split in 2020. Fizz and Jones faced massive backlash during their relationship because the model shared two children and was previously in a long-term relationship with his B2K bandmate and former friend Omarion Grandberry.

Fans mention Apryl Jones after Lil Fizz’s OnlyFans’ nude leaks online. Photo:@aprylsjones @airfizzo/Instagram

Lil Fizz’s nude clip of his genitalia began circulating online after the 36-year-old posted it on his OnlyFans page, a social media platform where users can sell or buy original content. The reason why Jones’ name was even mentioned following the leak was because Twitter users were trolling her for dissing Grandberry for Fizz’s “mushroom” penis.

An individual went as far as to screenshot and post a direct message the social media user had sent to the reality star. The message read, “You really left Omarion for that mushroom dick.”

“Apryl jones really left Omarion and went to go f–k his homie….. for that….. lil mushroom? Pathetic omg NONE of these sex tapes are even worth the leak.”

“So you telling me Apryl Jones left Omarion for that????”

“Not to go backward.. but .. Fizz video really let me know Apryl is a liar & was just being bitter. It’s no way she was serious saying he’s a better than Omarion.”

Lil Fizz isn’t the only rapper that has made headlines within this week for their package. Nelly caused a social media frenzy on Tuesday, Feb. 8, after an alleged video of an unidentified woman performing fellatio on the “Hot in Herre” lyricist found its way on his Instagram page. Although the clip was removed, it began to circulate online.

Following the commotion, Nelly apologized to the unnamed woman while issuing a statement to TMZ. He said, “I sincerely apologize to the young lady and her family. This is unwanted publicity for her/them. This was an old video that was private and never meant to go public.”

Nelly’s camp later claimed the leaked video resulted from the rapper being hacked.

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