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‘Embarrassing’: Fans Drag Apryl Jones After She Reveals Breakup With Lil Fizz

If social media beatdowns were illegal, a lot of folks would be in prison right now.

That’s because people trashed former “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” star Apryl Jones after she spoke about her relationship with Lil Fizz, which has been a heavy topic of discussion lately.

Apryl Jones (left) spoke about her relationship with Lil Fizz (right) in a new interview. (Photos: Leon Bennett/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images, Greg Doherty/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

Their relationship was enshrouded in controversy from the beginning, mainly because Jones is the ex of Fizz’s B2K group member Omarion Grandberry, whom she has two kids with.

After Jones and Fizz were skewered online, Grandberry addressed the relationship and expressed indifference.

“I don’t feel no ways. I don’t feel any way about it,” he said in November while on VladTV.

Rumors recently surfaced that said Jones and Fizz have already parted ways, and people bashed her for causing all of that drama for no reason. Jones was also accused of breaking up B2K when she began dating Fizz.

Jones addressed the relationship during a recent interview on Claudia Jordan’s show “Out Loud with Claudia Jordan” and said she doesn’t care about the backlash.

“One thing is for sure, Claudia, I don’t live my life for people,” Jones explained. “Again, I would never understand why it’s such a thing.”

“But then I could understand it by seeing that people don’t have the whole story, just because ‘Love and Hip Hop’ is not showing everything,” she added. “Then it’s been silence, because I haven’t been on the show in a long time.”

“Dreux is an incredible human being, and honestly I have to thank him for where I’m at in my life. Because if he wasn’t there, I don’t really know — just me being a mom and dealing with the things that I was dealing with — where I would actually be currently.”

Jones then denied going to Fizz as soon as her relationship ended with Grandberry and said she was single for three years. She then addressed the recent breakup rumors.

“You know, Dreux is a great man, and his focus is on Kam and my focus is on my children, and we are where we are, and I kind of want to leave it there,” she explained.

“So basically you bopped for no reason and now no Fizz or Omarion! 🤦🏽‍♀️,” someone wrote on Instagram afterward.

“Y’all got all that heat FOR NOTHING,” a second person weighed in.

“Now it’s about the kids 😂. After breakups is always about the KIDS💀,” wrote a third.

“Wasn’t they just fighting to prove how much they belong together? 😂😂” another person asked.

A fifth person simply wrote the word “embarrassing,” and others said Grandberry must be somewhere having a good chuckle over all this.

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