‘Y’all Hell for Making Ashanti Trend for That’: Ashanti Trends on Twitter After Nelly’s Risqué Clip Is Leaked Online, The Rapper Later Apologizes 

Ashanti began trending on Twitter on Tuesday, Feb. 8, after a video of her ex Nelly reportedly engaging in a sexual activity with an unidentified woman was leaked online.

The former couple, which began dating in 2003, ultimately split in 2012, after the rapper allegedly cheated on her with multiple women.

Ashanti becomes a trending topic on Twitter after Nelly’s private sexually explicit video was leaked online. Photo:@ashanti @nelly/Instagram

The raunchy clip, including the unnamed woman performing fellatio on Nelly, was first released on the “Hot in Herre” emcee’s official Instagram page for a brief moment before being removed. Despite the recording being deleted, it started circulating on social media throughout the day.

Although the exes were not together when the video was made and released, Ashanti became a topic of conversation because of unimpressed Twitter users bringing up the many years she stayed with Nelly after viewing the size of his package.

In addition to those remarks, others criticized those individuals for making Ashanti a trending topic when the event had nothing to do with her by posting tweets alongside photos and clips.

“Y’all hell for making Ashanti trend for that.”

“Ashanti opening twitter to see she’s trending cuz Of Nelly’s video.”


“Not y’all making Ashanti trend bc of that video of Nelly.”

“This is what y’all got Ashanti trending over, huh?”

Following the social media fiasco, Nelly later confirmed in a statement to TMZ that he was the man in the video and also apologized to the unidentified woman. He told the publication, “I sincerely apologize to the young lady and her family. This is unwanted publicity for her/them. This was an old video that was private and never meant to go public.”

As for how the clip found its way online, the “Dilemma” rapper’s team claimed that he was hacked because they were looking into a breach that had occurred at the time of the video’s release.

No additional information regarding this incident has been released.

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