‘No Longer Knowing Her as Mrs. Franklin’: Fans Swoon Over Meagan Good as Actress Shares #NotMyName Challenge 

There’s a new TikTok challenge circling social media streets, and Hollywood women have taken over. This week veteran actress Meagan Good became the latest celebrity beauty to partake in the growing trend, and it’s leaving fans feeling nostalgic. 

The trend, known as the #NotMyName Challenge, features stars and clips from the various “names” they’ve been called throughout their careers as Ting’s “That’s Not My Name” plays in the background. On Friday, Feb. 4, the 40-year-old-year shared her take on the latest featuring a slew of roles, including Coco, Cisely, Linda, Jaqui, Blythe, Beautifull, Nina, April, Lara Vega, Darla, Max, Mya, and her most recent role as Camille in the Amazon’s award-nominated series “Harlem.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – JUNE 08: Actress Meagan Good attends the screening for “A La Carte” at Harmony Gold Theater on June 08, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

“MY NAME IS MEAGAN,” the Los Angeles native captioned the comment section restricted post. However, the 30-second-clip quickly made its way around the internet, landing on the radar of several blog sites. Fans reminisced in the comments section over their favorite characters portrayed by the award-nominated actress. “Coco will forever be top tier,” wrote one Instagram user. A second said, “Eves bayou because she was so young and talented to play a role like that.”

Others called out films the season star left out, including a third person who noted, “I know she didn’t have a name in Friday but I would’ve loved to see that clip of her by the ice cream truck.”

“No longer knowing her as Mrs. Franklin,” wrote a fourth person who is referring to her divorce from DeVon Franklin.

Several other fans couldn’t get past the “Cousin Skeeter” star, including one admirer who wrote, “Shawty really been fine all her whole life.”

“Meagan Good knows that’s she’s fine,” commented another person. “She was on my MySpace wall and all.”

Good has starred in over a dozen films, including “Waist Deep,” “Deliver Us From Eva,” “Stomp the Yard,” “Act Like a Woman, Think Like a Man,” “Harlem,” “You Got Served” and many more. 

The “Deception” star began her acting career in the late ’90s and made her feature film debut at age 13 in the Ice Cube classic “Friday.”  

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