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‘Sharelle Better Runnn’: Fans React After Chad Johnson Jokes About Impregnating His Fiancée Weeks After She Gave Birth to Their Daughter

Chad Johnson caused a commotion on social media on Sunday, Jan. 30, after the 44-year-old hinted he wanted to impregnate his fiancée Sharelle Rosado following the birth of the couple’s daughter, Serenity Paula Johnson. 

The luxury real estate broker welcomed Serenity last month on Jan. 2, in a Miami hospital. In the Instagram post, Johnson shared a short clip of Rosado, who is three weeks postpartum, as she exits the elevator in a form-fitting, long-sleeved dress. 

Chad Johnson’s fans react after the star uploaded a video of his fianceé Sharelle Rosado and claimed he wanted to get her pregnant again weeks after she welcomed their first child. Photo:@ochocinco/Instagram

In addition to the video, the former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver jokingly expressed that the couple may have “Irish twins” stemming from how good she looked in the recording. Irish twins are siblings that are born 12 or fewer months apart. 

He wrote, “Just 3 weeks ago…… never mind #IrishTwins.” As fans began to view his upload, many begged Johnson not to get Rosado pregnant again, despite how well her post-baby body snapped back. A social media user even went as far as to warn Rosado of Johnson’s potential plans. 

“Why are you trying to knock her up again already!!! I mean I get it but don’t do that to her. Lol.”

“Not Irish twins. Lawd! Let her breath Ocho.”

“Sharelle better runnn. Irish twin talk. that woman got a business to run sir!”

“Let that woman heal.”

“Lol don’t get that lady pregnant tonight.”

Among the pleading remarks, others spoke of Johnson waiting the recommended six weeks before doing anything sexual so that Rosado can heal. One wrote, “Let her be. You still have another 3 wks.” Another said, “You got to wait for three more weeks, bro.”

This post comes two weeks after the couple faced backlash for Rosado’s post-baby body image. The flak came from fans mentioning the societal pressures placed on women to lose weight immediately after birth.

The Jan. 12 caption read, with a photo of Rosado in a blue bodysuit, “Ocho vs science 2-week postpartum plan is what @sharellerosado_ used to snap back, if you’re expecting you can purchase my program for $25.”

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