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‘People Think That You’re Supposed to be, Like, Happy All the Time’: Lizzo Wants To ‘Normalize’ Talking About Your Emotions Online

Singer and philanthropist Lizzo joined Yahoo Life’s well-being series, “The Unwind,” to unpack her feelings about her mental health, and her contribution to the new Defy Logic campaign for Logitech, which features her motivational new single “Special.” The campaign also features social media personality Bretman Rock and Kenyan internet comedienne Elsa Majimbo. It celebrates “every person who has set out to make their footprint in this new world.”

She said, “We’re acknowledging the transition from the old world and the way things used to be to this new way of being.”

Singer Lizzo has won three Grammy Awards, including Song of the Year for “Truth Hurts.” (Photo: @lizzobeating/Instagram)

Between her music, philanthropy and social platforms, Lizzo has become a crusader act all on her own. After battling with online trolls about her appearance or topics surrounding her confidence and career, the “Hustlers” actress said she’s created “helpful” measures in order to be vulnerable online.

“Social media is so curated. People think that you’re supposed to be, like, happy all the time. And it’s like if you’re not happy all the time, why would you show that?” she told Yahoo Life. “But it’s like, people act like they don’t cry. People act like they’re not upset about things. And the fact that I choose to show it is, for me, helpful. If it’s happening to me online, I kind of wanna work it out online too, you know?

She added, “It’s not like a cry for help and it’s not to bring any pity. It’s more so to just, like, normalize it. So it is helpful for me to work things out on the internet, and I love working things out in my craft and through my creativity.”

Using her passion and platform to help others highlight social issues can be “exhausting,” says Lizzo, who learned to battle “stress and anxiety” with self-care and a 30-minute workout.

The 33-year-old intends to continue expanding her platform in order to “finally be who I said I was gonna be.”

“I always feel like I was on my way to being who I said I was gonna be, but I’m like, ‘This year, do everything you’ve ever wanted to do not just music-related,” she explains. “Like, do it all, because you can. Start your mogul-hood.’ I always wanted to be a mogul and I always believed I could. I always believed I could be multifaceted, and this is the year that I’m going to begin that journey.

By the end of 2022, she plans to “really look back on the year and be like, ‘I did that.’ “

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