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‘This is By Far the Weirdest Link Up, But They’re Funny’: Taye Diggs Fans Question If Whether or Not He’s Dating Apryl Jones

Taye Diggs has been linked to “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star Apryl Jones since last December. According to The Hollywood Fix, Diggs and Jones attended Jennifer Klein’s Christmas party, which initially sparked dating rumors. Not to mention Diggs is known to share himself and the reality star on social media, which has raised dozens of questions.

On Tuesday, Feb. 1, Diggs shared another clip of Jones and himself, this time on a plane singing Destiny’s Child’s 1999 track “Say My Name.” Jones continued singing, while the “All American” star said confidently said, “Aw, I love that song. I memorize all the words.”

Taye Diggs and Apryl Jones sparked dating rumors after attending a Christmas party in L.A. together. (Photos: @tayediggsinsta/Instagram, @apryljones/Instagram)

While many thought Diggs was about to go off, he continued to mess up the lyrics. Whether on purpose or just for laughs, social media fans continued laughing at Diggs and Jones’ karaoke moment after The Shade Room reposted their video.

“This man has no plans on learning the lyrics,” wrote one person in the comments, while another said, “Just imagine being scared of flying and these two up there singing.”

A third joked, “[I] feel sorry for the people on their flight that’s trying to rest.”

Fans called their pairing the “strangest” or “weirdest link-up” yet, asking, “How did they even link? I’m so lost.”

Meanwhile, others offered a different perspective about Diggs and Jones’ friendship.

“This is by far the weirdest link up, but they’re funny…. it’s kinda cute,” wrote one person, while someone else said, “They meant for each other. This a love language.”

Another added, “They are funny! Friends or lovers who cares!”

Veteran actor Diggs has been doing television and film for the past three decades. Meanwhile, the world learned of Apryl Jones on “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” as Omarion’s partner and the mother of his two children. After a shocking breakup, Jones began dating Omarion’s former B2k band mate Lil Fizz. Once the fizzle was gone, Jones began hanging with another high roller, super-producer Dr. Dre.

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