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‘Came Out of Nowhere’: Reginae Carter’s Challenge Video Gets Derailed After Fans Focus on the Star’s Younger Sister Doing This, Toya Johnson Responds

Reginae Carters recent challenge video got sidetracked after fans zoomed in on her younger sister Reign Rushing‘s cameo appearance.

Carter, who originally uploaded the video on TikTok and then reposted it on her official Instagram page, attempted to participate in the “How to Pimp a N–a” challenge inspired by the 2018 City Girl’s song with the same name.

Reginae Carter’s video goes left after fans zoom in on Reign Rushing’s cameo appearance. Photo:@itsreginaecarter/Instagram

The challenge includes an individual incorporating hand movements to the lyrics, “I’ma show you b–es how to pimp a n–a make him think you love him, take his money then you dip on n–s.” The hand motions include creating a heart-shaped symbol with index and middle fingers before switching to a dipping hand movement. This occurs after individuals bring in their arms and move their clenched fists and thumb to the song’s beat.

As Carter began her rendition of the challenge, the 22-year-old could only complete the first half of the dance before her sister Reign rushed in and made the dipping gesture. The video continues with Carter appearing visibly shocked by the toddler’s moves. In addition to the recording, Carter jokingly declared that the suspected culprits who taught her sister those dance moves would be blamed if any repercussions ensued.

She wrote, “Wait, y’all I was not expecting this. Who taught @reign_beaux [email protected] @_theylovejashae_ I’m blaming y’all.”

As the video went viral, Toya Johnson came for Carter in the comments section and insinuated she would be rectifying things, saying, “I’m gonna kick your ass. Have my baby listening to this.”

Toya Johnson responds to Reginae Carter’s new video which includes an appearance by 3-year-old Reign Rushing. @itsreginaecarter/Instagram

Carter reacted to her her mother’s response by reiterating how Reign’s appearance was unexpected. She said, “I was minding my business lolll she came out of nowhere.”

Fans also joined in on the conversation by mentioning how Reign took over the challenge like she knew “the game.”

“Reign is not to be played with she knows the game already.”

“Hand movements and everything on point!”

“Reign said I BEEN KNEW THE GAME.”

“Reigny aint come to play…. Tf.”

Other people pointed out Carter’s shocked face when Reign made her appearance. One stated, “Your face is priceless.” Another wrote, “Caught her big sister off guard.”

An Instagram user pleaded with Johnson to not “kill” Carter for Reign being in the video because she appeared stunned when the event took place. “They said, @itsreginaecarter yo reaction is everything @toyajohnson don’t kill her.”

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