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‘You Yo Mama Daughter’: Toya Johnson Shares Hilarious Video of Her Younger Daughter Reign Mimicking a Certain Action, Fans and Reginae Respond

Like mother, like daughter.

While Toya Johnson’s first mini-me, Reginae Carter, is now all grown up and exploring adulthood, she now has her second daughter Reign Ryan Rushing, 3, to fill the role.
In an Instagram video she posted on Monday, Johnson’s fiancé, Robert Red Rushing, is questioning their daughter as she hilariously resembles her mother when it comes to keeping a clean house.

Reign Rushing and Toya Johnson. (Photo: @toyajohnson/Instagram)

He records her stepping into her big playhouse, leaving her shoes outside, and asks, “Reign why did you take your shoes off? It’s snowing outside.” The toddler responded, “because I’m going to go in my house.” He asked the question again and she said, “because it’s going to get all over my house.”

She looked over to the corner of her house where a pink mini couch sat and added, “And my baby doll is all wet.” Reign turns to look at the rest of the room and says, “Now I have to clean up this room,” while her father pans the camera to show how clean the room already is.

Before the video ended she said, “Get my baby doll out of this room.”

After posting the video to her page, 38-year-old Johnson wrote, “Red sent me this video he recorded of Reign yesterday. When I say your kids mimic everything you. This is so me. I don’t like shoes in the house and I clean up all day. #myminime.”

Johnson’s followers, including her elder daughter Reginae, responded to the video. Reginae wrote, “Dang reign ! You yo mama daughter I know my mama happy cause I was not one of them.”

Zonnique Pullins, who is a friend of the family wrote, “it’s the scan Red does of the room when she said she needs to clean up.”

Others praised Reign for her cleanliness. One parent wrote, “This room is waaaaay cleaner than my 17 year old’s room. I have failed as a parent.” Another added, “​​Spoken like a true homeowner.”

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