‘Have Your Life In Order’: Tiffany Haddish Is Moving On From Ex Common, Jokes That ‘Interviews Start Next Month’

Tiffany Haddish’s goals for the new year appear to include actively looking for a new man in her life. 

Just one day after the new year got started, the “Night School” star took to her Instagram Stories, where she vowed that by the following holiday season she would be in a new romantic relationship after sharing a video clip of a couple getting intimate and enjoying themselves on what seemed to be an island vacation trip. 

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – NOVEMBER 25: Comedian Tiffany Haddish performs at the Laugh Factory’s 41st free Thanksgiving dinner at The Laugh Factory on November 25, 2021 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)

“This will be me next holiday season!” the 42-year-old comedian captioned the post. “Accepting male applicants only. Now interviews start next month! So have your life in order.”

As previously reported, Haddish and her boyfriend, award-winning rapper and actor Common, broke up in November 2021 after one year of dating. According to sources close to the pair, the two reportedly ended their union because they were too busy for their relationship. “They are never in the same city together and both of them are just too busy for a serious relationship,” the source told People. 

This recent announcement from Haddish about moving on from the “Go” emcee doesn’t make for her first. On Christmas Eve, the “Girls Trip” star took to her Twitter account, where she shared some of the characteristics she’s looking for in her next man

“I want a man in my life I can share my success with, my joy, my body and all while I feel safe with him, and he feels the same with me,” the star wrote. “Does anyone know how to make that happen?”

Many fans took to the comments section with some advice, including one user who wrote, “Girl I’m givin you GOLD here… When we LOOK for love, we SEE things that don’t really exist… then we get hurt… When we STOP looking, real love finds us.” 

That person added, “Reason: When we seem hungry, some asshole will try to feed us ANYTHING to have us, but leave us WANTING even worse!” Haddish responded to the comment, “Facts. Well then no more looking for Love, just respect and Amazing sex.”

Another fan jokingly told the actress to “go on Amazon” because “they have literally EVERYTHING.” Unfortunately, for Haddish, the e-commerce site appeared to be “all out of good men, dope men, clean men,and loyal men.”

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