Fans React to Bow Wow’s Retirement: From ‘Best Ever’ to ‘I Thought he Retired a Decade Ago’

Bow Wow (Instagram)

Bow Wow (Instagram)


Bow Wow the rapper will be no more after this year. The MC also known as Shad Moss announced he is putting down the mic after the release of his final studio album. He made the revelation on his social media accounts Aug. 7.

In a series of images of him performing for fans, Moss promised a forthcoming “new adventure.”

He stated he has made “20 million off rap” and didn’t need to be greedy.

The 29-year-old also shared he never saw himself with a rap career after hitting 30.

In addition to the news, Bow Wow revealed his last LP will be executive produced by Snoop Dogg, who he said, “brought me in the game.”

His final album is titled Nylth, and a release date has yet to be announced. A movie of the same name will accompany the record.

At age 13, the rapper burst onto the scene as Lil’ Bow Wow in 2000. Complex reports he earned gold and platinum albums with Jermaine Dupri as his mentor.

The former “CSI: Cyber” star will focus on acting and hosting stints in his post music life.

He told fans he was “extremely happy” to be able to retire before hitting the 30-year mark.

He also defended his decision to focus on acting later in his career, as Moss also has two new television shows in the works.

For some, the news was confusing.

Several Twitter users thought the star abandoned music years ago.

Brick Owens thought Moss’ rap career ended in 2006.

@DatMichCray proclaimed “music retired from” Bow Wow in the same time span.

Atrice Smith thought Moss’ stance on his racial identity called for his rap career to end.

Keyla Jackson also referred to the incident and thought Bow Wow’s retirement would give him a chance to read up on his history.

Still, fans were happy for the former host of BET’s now-ended “106 & Park.”

Gerald Kelley defended Moss for his musical versatility.

Xavier Mudrow called the MC the greatest of all time using goat emojis.

@Fresh_PrinceNYC called for others to “put some respect on his legacy” after referring to Moss as TBE: the best ever.

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