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Torrei Hart Says ‘Y’all Just Need to Lighten Up’ After Backlash She Received for ‘Joke’ About ‘Side B–h’

Torrei Hart responded to the massive backlash she encountered earlier this week for the “sarcastic” comment she left under a couple’s viral video.

In the clip, which The Shade Room reposted on their Instagram page, a woman named Janelle Tinch commemorated her husband Dre Tinch’s 29th birthday by giving Dre his dream car, a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro. Dre appeared visibly emotional throughout the recording while receiving his gift before taking the vehicle for a test drive.

Torrei Hart responds to the backlash she received for sharing what fans deemed was a bitter comment about a viral video. (Photo: @torreihart/Instagram)

Despite the video’s touching moment, Torrei later claimed that Dre would have his “side b–h” in the Camaro “tomorrow” once cameras stopped rolling. Following her remark, fans called her bitter and said she needed to heal from her failed marriage with comedian Kevin Hart. Torrei and Kevin were married for eight years and divorced in 2011 after the actor cheated on her. Torrei took to Instagram on Nov. 4 to react to those negative responses.

She said, “What’s up, y’all? So, I just got a text message from my cousin asking me ‘if I was OK’ because somebody sent her a news article about me getting backlash for a comment I left on The Shade Room. … Let me just tell y’all what the comment was. So this girl bought her husband a Camaro for his birthday. … So then I just put a sarcastic comment that said, ‘He’ll have his side b–h in it next week.'”

Torrei Hart receives backlash after leaving a negative comment on a viral video that showcased a wife’s birthday gift to her husband. @theshaderoom

The mother of two added, “I’m sure other people thought the same damn thing. It was just me being sarcastic. No big deal, right? So I get all this backlash about ‘Torrei’s bitter. Torrei’s hurt. She’s angry. Oh my God, heal sis.'” Torrei wrapped up her statement by saying everyone who commented negatively on her previous remarks is “sensitive.”

“Let me tell y’all something, y’all just too sensitive nowadays. You’re too f–king sensitive. Lighten the hell up. It’s all right to still have little sarcastic moments and still jokey jokes. … Trust me, I’m fine. I’m not bitter. I am healed. I am whole. I am completely happy. Y’all just need to lighten up.”

In addition to the recording, Torrei reiterated her “sensitive” sentiments in her caption. She wrote, “My response to all you sensitive people on The Shade Room. It’s really not that serious.” As fans began to view the video, many reactions toward Torrei’s response were split. Some applauded the 43-year-old for not backing down, while others expressed how hurtful words can be, even as a joke.

“Say it louder for the b–hes in back”

“I agree with u 100%… everybody is so damn sensitive! You can’t say sh-t these days!”

“Where’s the lie @torreihart these mofos forgot how to have a laugh.”

“How do you think your comment made that couple feel? It may have been a jokey joke but it was a mean girl jokey joke.”

“It’s not that people are too sensitive, that comment coming from you; a woman that has been through and dealt with infidelity so open and the public was insensitive. That’s it sis! People can take a joke when it’s funny!”

“Because we call it a ‘joke’ doesn’t mean it’s nice. It’s still hateful, just be nice. Sometimes ppl are sensitive and words really can be offensive. I’m sure u know how mean comments can hurt. Stop gaslighting ppl to think they are just ‘sensitive.’ Feelings and opinions are real.”

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