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‘The Way He Looked at You from Behind’: Gabrielle Union’s Fashion Post with Her Husband Derails After Fans Mention Dwyane’s Admiration

Gabrielle Union‘s fashion upload featuring Dwyane Wade got a bit sidetracked on Tuesday, Jan. 18, after a particular gesture of Wade’s showing his stamp of approval captured fans’ attention. 

This recent post was one of many that honored the “Dwyane” author’s 40th birthday earlier this week. To commemorate his special day, Union shared various photos and clips of her husband with heartfelt messages on her official social media accounts.

Gabrielle Union’s fashion post goes left after fans bring up that Dwyane Wade was admiring her from afar. Photo:@gabunion/Instagram

In the Instagram recording, the couple, wearing an all-black ensemble, is seen channeling their inner models as they strut for the camera. Things began to get a bit steamy after Wade quickly paused and admired his wife from afar by gazing at Union’s figure and licking his lips. 

The video ended with the pair walking off-camera as an applause track blared in the background. In addition to the clip, the “L.A.’s Finest” star captioned the post, “Ten Toes Down.” As fans viewed Union’s upload, many mentioned how Wade was checking her out. 

“The way he checks you out.”

“Dwyane loving the walk from behind.”


“The way he looks at her in the beginning, YESSSSS.”

“It’s the way he still watch & look at you, for me.”

Among the remarks about Wade’s gesture, others brought up how Union’s walk reminded them of Connie Spalding, a character the actress played on “Two Can Play That Game.”

A memorable Connie Spalding scene occurred when the star had to walk in slow motion in form-fitting attire as the camera captured every angle of her body. One wrote, “Connie Spalding walk.” Another said, “It’s giving Connie.” A third Instagram user stated, “That’s Connie Spalding.”

Days before the fashion post, during Wade’s 40th birthday, Union penned a touching message to her husband with a compilation of photos and videos of the pair and their blended family.

She wrote, “Happy birthday, baby!!!! May the joy, the laughter, the friendships, the love, and the adventures continue on in this next stage of life. I’m grateful I get to do life with you. Ten toes down!!! #40.”

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