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‘It Be Yo Own People Telling’: Tamar Braxton Exposes Toni Braxton’s Cooking Technique After Debate About Washing Chicken Intensifies

Let the cooking battle of the Braxtons begin. Tamar Braxton disclosed on Wednesday, July 28, that her older sister, the living legend herself Toni Braxton, doesn’t “wash” her meat. The “Love and War” songstress revealed the details while commenting under a teaser trailer for Netflix’s “Love Is Blind After the Alter” reunion special featuring Lauren Speed-Hamilton and Cameron Hamilton

“Love is Blind” is a reality series that follows 30 single men and women trying to find love as they undergo a speed dating process for 10 days while in pods. The initial show’s catch is that these individuals can’t see each other physically and would have to rely on emotional connection. The Netflix series began airing last year. 

Tamar and Toni Braxton Photo:@tamarbraxton @tonibraxton/Instagram

Interracial married couple Lauren Speed-Hamilton and Cameron Hamilton took part in the show’s first season that began taping in 2019. They returned for the series reunion special to update fans on their lives after two years of marriage. Speed-Hamilton, a black woman, promoted the special by sharing a cooking clip with her husband Cameron, who is a white man. 

In the recording, the pair began to discuss their cultural differences when preparing chicken. Speed-Hamilton mentions that she “washes” her chicken prior to adding seasoning, while her husband suggests it is unnecessary because it will ultimately be cooked. 

Depending on where a particular individual is from, washing meat or poultry can essentially mean different things, including rinsing the raw item under running water or soaking it in a container filled with water, salt, vinegar or lemon juice. The purpose of this task is to eliminate bacteria. 

As Speed-Hamilton’s clip became viral after being shared on The Shade Room, Tamar decided to out her sister Toni in the comments section for not cleaning her meat before making a dish. The 44-year-old said while suggesting that’s the sole reason she decides to “pass” on meals being offered to her. “Toni don’t wash her meat.. that’s why I will pass.” 

Tamar Braxton commented that her sister Toni Braxton doesn’t “wash” her meat after a new clip for Netflix’s “Love Is Blind” special featuring Lauren Speed-Hamilton and Cameron Hamilton discussing cultural differences in relation to food preparations. Photo:@theshaderoom/Instagram

When the blog site caught wind of Tamar’s initial statement, they reposted the comment, setting social media by storm. Many fans began throwing shots at the former reality star for sharing something they claimed was supposedly meant to be private. One Instagram user went as far as to claim that Tamar’s lastest action toward her big sister is the reason why Toni previously said if she weren’t for the reality of her being related to people in her family, she wouldn’t be dealing with them.

“It’s always the one sibling telling business that’s not supposed to leave the house lmfao.”

“The baby sister be the one to tell the fastest.”

“I understand why Toni said If these people wasn’t my family I wouldn’t deal with them 😂😂.”

“Damn it be yo own people tellin.”

“Tamar just be throwing her sis under the bus just like that 😂😂 omg.”

Despite Tamar receiving flak for her comment, this isn’t the first time these Braxton sisters have called each other out for questionable cooking tactics. In 2019, Toni shared with her fans in an Instagram video that Tamar was frying chicken in her bathroom.

She said while walking in, “Hey, guys, I’m at Tamar’s house — well, one of her many houses — and I want y’all to know that she is making chicken … in the bathroom.”

Tamar reacted by shouting, “So? My outlet went out!”

The “Breathe Again” vocalist continued by mentioning that they will be having “bathroom fried chicken,” as she showed further proof by giving fans a tour of Tamar’s powder room. “This is the powder room in her office condo. I want y’all to see that it is really a bathroom. … Bathroom chicken.”

The clip ultimately ended with Tamar asking her sister, “But tell em how many pieces you had???” The mother of one wrapped up that comment by saying she wasn’t going to let an electric malfunction stop her from making a meal despite her cooking conditions.

“The electricity went out and u wasn’t about to mess my chicken up Sorry.”

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