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‘If You Could Do This at Your Age’: Marjorie Harvey Stuns Fans After She Reveals One Exercise She Participates In at 54 Years Old

Steve Harvey’s wife Marjorie Harvey demonstrated how her age was nothing but a number on Wednesday, Aug. 25, after she uploaded a series of photos while participating in aerial yoga.

Aerial yoga is a combined practices of yoga and acrobatics with the use of a suspended hammock. Some benefits a person can experience from this form of exercise include joint pressure, spinal compression relief and enhanced core strength.

Marjorie Harvey’s exercise technique of aerial yoga at 54 years old left fans stunned as she displayed the various poses she did during the workout. Photo:@marjorieharvey/Instagram

In the initial captionless post, the 54-year-old showcased the various poses she did while working out, which involved a vampire pose, suspended headstand pose reverse namaste hips and a chandelier pose.

In the vampire pose, Harvey is seen stretching her arms and legs upward inside the hammock. While modeling in the suspended headstand pose reverse namaste hips, the mother of seven is hanging from the hammock with just her shoulders as she bends her hips forward. The final pose displayed Harvey grabbing one leg with both arms as the other rests in the air.

Marjorie Harvey in a sequence of poses, including a suspended headstand pose reverse namaste hips (left) and chandelier pose (right) Photo:@marjorieharvey/Instagram

As fans began to view Harvey’s workout post, many of them flooded her comments section with compliments. A handful even brought up her age.

“Beautiful inspiration 😍🙌❤️🔥🔥.”

“There is no limits to your amazement. ❤️ Such an inspiration!”

“WTF, how “What the hell Margorie doing now!”😲Go head sis,we all need to be moving like this. These bones & our mental wellness ain’t no joke, as we age.Thank you, Ms. Harvey, for the motivation.”

“If u can do this at ur age… wooo🔥👏👏👏.”

“At her age, WOW 😲she is physically fit!!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥.”

“What I like about Marjorie is that she try a bit of everything her age don’t stop her.”

Although this may be the first time Harvey has publicly performed aerial yoga on her Instagram page, it is unclear how long she’s been using this form of exercise as a workout.

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