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‘We Must Support It’: Mike Hill Sparks Debate After He Pleas for More Shows About ‘College Educated’ and ‘Positive’ Black Men

Mike Hill wants new shows that center on the positive images of Black men.

The TV host took to Twitter on Dec. 27 and opened up about his concerns regarding how the media portrays Black men on television. For his argument, he explained that Black women have shows like “Living Single,” “Girlfriends” and “Insecure,” but said there aren’t enough shows about Black men that’s been running for “at least 4 seasons.”

Mike Hill. (Photo: @itsmikehill/Instagram)

He questioned, “It it that Hollywood won’t green light these types of shows or will we actually support it,” before reiterating his intentions with his question. He said, “Once again, this ain’t a knock on any of the black women shows. I love & support them all. This ain’t why them & not us…it’s why not both?? I’m the last person to divide. Don’t you do it.”

Hill’s question sparked a debate amongst his followers about why there may be a lack of positive Black male representation on TV. “At this point, just stop being lazy and ask Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels, 50 Cent, Spike Lee, and all those other Black make directors why they choose to create what they choose to create because there’s more Black male directors than Black female directors in Hollywood,” said one person responding to his tweet.

David Dennis Jr., senior writer of “The Undefeated” also chimed in on the conversation on his own Twitter. He said, “I think buddy should direct his question inward and ask why Black men who have access to haven’t taken it upon ourselves to make a show about healthy relationships and friendships and instead made gestures at 50 Cent cinematic universe or whatever.”

He explained that in his opinion HBO’s “Insecure” is a show that showed a lot of positive Black male imagery. “Ironically a show that had some of the best, most heartfelt expressions of black male friendship was drumroll Insecure,” he said. Then using a scene from the show’s finale as an example, he said, “But the realest moment was when buddy said his male friend me weren’t visiting and keeping up with him like the ladies were on their birthdays.”

Instead of just adding to the debate, some people responded to Hill by listing current shows that may have exactly what he is looking for. Several mentioned that Tyler Perry’s “Bruh” series was one. Many also recommended that he watch a Peacock show called “Grand Crew,” which was a recommendation that Hill took and responded to.

He said, “I just watched the two episodes that are out and it is BRILLIANT!! Exactly the type of show I’m talking about. We must support it. You have mine.”

Overall, Hill felt the discussion was productive and tweeted, “Well, THAT generated a discussion. I appreciate the answers. ALL OF THEM were valuable. Even the ones where black women misconstrued the tweet as an attack. It lets me know that IF a BM show is made like that, YOU Queens have to be respected & MATTER. We hear you.#getting2worknow.”

Keep the conversation going by naming more positive Black male shows in the comments.

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