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‘You Wasn’t Good to Cynthia’: Mike Hill Hits the Gym and Claps Back at Trolls Who Claim He Mistreated Ex-Wife Cynthia Bailey

Former “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Cynthia Bailey is no longer tied to her ex-husband, Mike Hill. But, that didn’t stop him from responding to people who brought up Bailey under one of his Instagram videos.

The FOX Sports host uploaded a gym video that showed him working out with an inspirational speech about silently achieving your goals playing in the background. 

Despite the 52-year-old’s positive post, he was met with negative comments suggesting that he treated his ex-wife poorly. 

Cynthia Bailey, Mike Hill
Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill, attached with screenshots from his comment section. (Photos: @itsmikehill/Instagram.)

“Ok it’s obvious you and your ex are thirsty. I like you both but we don’t need really need to see you both trying to out do each other. you trying too hard to diflect to the fact they your marriage didn’t last,” one fan wrote.

Hill responded, “I’ll forgive your ignorance. You don’t know me and obviously missed the message. Thanks for liking me though. Lol”

“You wasn’t good to Cynthia so I’m done with you,” another comment read.

A few fans commented in response to that user asking them for evidence to prove their claim, to which they admitted, “I don’t have any evidence actually… I’m done because I like her… I could very well be wrong. I haven’t seen any energy of hers that show she didn’t want the marriage. Plus our bdays are the same, relax. Im still done with him… until his history proves to have changed, he’s the worst!”

Hill responded, “That’s your choice. I can’t control how you feel or why you feel that way. Maybe it’s your own past trauma of some man in your family doing wrong,”

Hill continued, “Regardless of how you feel, I know who I am and who I have been. I’ve forgiven myself for my past…. Which occurred LONG before “her” btw. My conscious is clear through it all. I wish you well. God bless.”

The initial user, whose Instagram handle is @emmkay2 responded back to Hill, “@mikehill Mike, relax. I wish you and your ex well… so much emotion… stop getting so caught up. I don’t target ppl online but clearly understand there may be some emotion there.”

They continued, “I just wanted you guys to work, that’s all. Given your book admissions, you clearly have some trauma also. I pray the best.” 

“Open Mike” is an autobiography written by Hill and follows his journey throughout life. The book was published on Aug. 19, 2020, and even features a black-and-white photo of him and Bailey on its back cover. 

It seems as if Hill and Bailey’s divorce fueled the same energy in them because both individuals have found themselves fitting the gym into their respective schedules. 

In an Instagram post back in January, 55-year-old Bailey let Instagram in on her newfound fitness journey

The mother of one claimed 2023 as her year of “RE,” which means anew. Bailey continued her inspirational spiel by giving fans 20 words she’s prioritizing that begin with the prefix. 

Several fans in her comment section applauded the former model for maintaining a positive mindset in spite of her recent divorce from Hill.

Hill and Bailey finalized their divorce in December, nearly two months after they announced their split via a joint Instagram post in October.

Due to the former couple not having any children together, neither party paying spousal support, and both parties keeping their own individual property, the finalization came quickly and easily. 

Hill and Bailey met in 2018 on Steve Harvey’s former daytime TV show “Steve” and became engaged in 2019; their engagement was documented on “RHOA” season 12. In season 13, they decided to tie the knot, and Bailey later left “The Real Housewives” franchise to “protect” her second marriage.

Before Hil, Bailey was married to entrepreneur Peter Thomas for seven years until they divorced in 2017. 

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