‘I Was Not Ready’: Anthony Anderson Shocks Fans with His Vocals with #CanWeTalkChallenge Plus Tamar Braxton and More Participate

Anthony Anderson stunned fans with his vocal abilities on Monday, Dec. 13, after he participated in the “Can We Talk” singing challenge

The challenge, created by R&B singer Tank last week, has taken social media by storm with countless singers like Tamar Braxton and Wanya Morris of Boyz II Men jumping on the bandwagon and singing their rendition of Tevin Campbell’s 1993 hit single “Can We Talk.” 

Anthony Anderson stuns fans with his rendition of “Can We Talk” while participating in the singing challenge that Tank recently created. Photo:@anthonyanderson/Instagram

This challenge aims to showcase the artist’s skills by tackling the track in Campbell’s vocal range. In the recording, Tank claimed that if an individual can’t sing this song “full chest” without digital alterations, they are not considered R&B singers. 

He said before singing a slowed-down version of the track’s chorus, “This is one of those R&B anthems if you can’t sing this full chest, no microphone, no reverb, no autotune, or nothing you not a real R&B singer.” After completing his rendition, Tank urged people to take part in the challenge to prove that the newer generation of male R&B singers still exists. 

Tank wrote in the Dec. 10 caption, “I need all my young male r&b singers to tap in!! They say you ain’t here, and I say you are!! Tag me!!” Anderson accepted the challenge a few days later by creating a collage of his previous video along with a recording of himself singing the track. 

Celebrities like Anthony Anderson, Tamar Braxton, Wanya Morris and many more participate in “Can We Talk” singing challenge created by Tank. Photo:@anthonyanderson @tamarbraxton @waynamorris/Instagram

Anderson informed Tank before singing the a capella version of the chorus that he wouldn’t consider himself an R&B singer. He said while clearing his throat, “Hey Tank, I’m not an R&B singer, but challenge accepted.” As fans viewed the actor’s video, many expressed how shocked they were hearing Anderson could sing. 

“YO!!!!! BRO!!!! I WAS NOT READY!!!! LET’S F’N GO!!!!!!!”

“This n-word can do EVERYTHING!!!!”

“Okay now! You blew me AWAY!!! I wasn’t expecting THAT AT ALL!!! Yasssssss” 

“Go TF off a man of many talents.”

“I actually hear good notes!! I was not expecting that.”

Among those comments, Tank even reposted Anderson’s video and shared how he, too, was stunned by the actor’s talent. He wrote, “We got a BIG TIME TAP IN on the challenge!! Mr. @anthonyanderson, actor extraordinaire, shocked me with this one!!!.. LETS GOOOO!!! #canwetalkchallenge.”

Jonathan McReynolds received stamp of approval from “Can We Talk” singer Tevin Campbell when he participated in the singing challenge that has since gone viral after being reposted on The Shade Room. Photo: @jonmcreynolds @theshaderoom/Instagram

Within days and numerous covers of Campbell’s hit song, the singer shared his opinion on who he claimed won the “Can We Talk” challenge. The title went to Jonathan McReynolds’ rendition. Campbell wrote under the repost from The Shade Room, “@jonmcreynolds wins imo.”

Tank’s singing challenge came immediately after he defended the newer generation of R&B male singers following Joe Budden’s podcast. Last week during the conversation, Budden, who admitted to being an avid R&B lover, claimed that current male R&B acts are trash and that women are “kicking their a–” in that particular category. 

Following the discussion, Tank uploaded a video telling the host not to tear down the male R&B singers, but simply celebrate the women who are currently thriving in that field. 

He said, “Joe, Joseph. Don’t do this… My friend, my brother, don’t you do this. Don’t you sit up there and say the new generation of male R&B artists is trash. Don’t you do that. Just say the women are having a moment. Just give them their flowers without trying to put us in the grave. Well, not us, I’m old. But still, just give them their flowers.”

Tank wrapped up his statement by telling Budden not to call the newer acts like Brent Faiyaz, Giveon, Yung Bleu and Davido “trash” when talking about the women dominating the R&B category. 

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