‘I Wasn’t Myself for a Very Long Time’: Tank Talks Retiring from Music After Going Deaf In One Ear

Tank is an open book when it comes to him discussing his experience about going deaf in one of his ears.

The R&B singer discussed the subject before but recently sat down on “The Real“ Daytime Talk Show to speak more about it. He described the experience as “scary” and said it’s “because I need to hear. To give you an update I am still deaf in my right ear but the left ear is pretty strong. The left ear is like picking up the slack.”

He said he first noticed it while he was on set of a movie and at first he thought it was just “clogged up.” “Over the next three days, it just goes from feeling like something I can handle to something I can’t.”

The “Maybe I Deserve” vocalist was prescribed to take the oral steroid, prednisone, and he said, “Anybody that knows anything about prednisone, you know that that’s a very, very damaging steroid. So, I wasn’t myself for a long time.”

Prednisone is used to help restore hearing loss, but it has serious possible side effects, such as mood changes like depression, weight gain, seizures, sore throats, etc, according to Medicine Plus. “Being able to get off of that medicine and just cope with the idea that ‘Hey, I may just have one ear from now on and finding the balance there and finding the strength to move from there was actually better for me.”

Explaining the brighter side of it, he said, “Now I’m on stages, I’m back in the streets, and I’m able to do what I do with this one ear and I’m blessed to still be able to, man. It could’ve been so much worse.”

Tank has also decided that his next album “R&B Money” is going to be his retirement album. He made it clear that this last album is “not because of the ear” but said it’s simply because “it’s so much other stuff I want to do.”

Tank shared the news about losing hearing with his Instagram followers back in May in a now-deleted video. Initially, he said it wasn’t just his right ear that he couldn’t hear in but that he was “kind of losing sound” in his left. He also said in the video that he was experiencing dizziness and could not “walk in a straight” and he did not know the source of his sudden lack of hearing.

In a second deleted video, he encouraged his fans to celebrate his life and legacy with him now and to not wait until he is in any way disabled. “If you like my music … or you like my acting or my comedy or whatever, say it now. Don’t wait till I’m deaf or in a wheelchair because I can’t walk in a straight line. I want to be able to celebrate and dance right now.”

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