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‘I Won’t Answer to Anything Else’: Damson Idris Hilariously Responds to Denzel Washington Butchering His Name While Admitting He Had No Idea Who the Younger Actor Is

Damson Idris is taking his “sorry to that man” moment in stride after remaining largely unknown to one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. 

The “Snowfall” star caught wind of veteran actor Denzel Washington’s response when asked about the budding star while on the red carpet for the premiere of “A Journal for Jordan.” When Washington, 66, was probed about his thoughts on Idris being apart of the renaissance of Black actors becoming leading men he bewilderedly remarked, “Who?” before stating he had no idea who “Dancin” was

Damson Idris (L) responds to Denzel Washington (R) not knowing who he is. Photo by TDavid M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Longines, ommaso Boddi/FilmMagic

Idris being a good sport found the humor is one of his favorite actors not only not knowing who he is, but also mispronouncing his name. On Twitter the 30-year-old wrote, “Call me Dancin Address from now on. I won’t answer to anything else [laughing emoji].” He then lamented the moment by updating his name on to match the new moniker on the social app. 

His fans were equally amused by the red carpet blooper. “All love bro. Denzel don’t know who TF we are either,” read a comment on social. Others commented, “I’d do the same thing unc call me that that’s my name now [laughing emoji],” and “No disrespect dancing took us out OMG.”

Idris’ star has continued to shine brighter since taking on the role of Franklin Saint — the lead “Snowfall” character — which depicts the ’80s crack epidemic that ravaged the Black communities of Los Angeles. Some of the British-born actor’s scenes from the drama series have sparked comparison between he and and his acting “hero,” Washington. 

“Comparison is verification that what you’re doing is moving people. Mr. Washington has been a person who has always been a template for many young Black actors,” Idris said when touching on the impact of being compared to the Oscar-winning actor. “So when you’re doing something well, you’re compared to him, it’s just how it is. Many people have been compared before me and many people will be compared after me. [The] most important thing is just keeping quiet and letting my work do the talking.”

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