Stevie J Claims Race Played a Factor When He and His Son Were Kicked Off Recent Flight

Several days have passed since a video went viral of Stevie J and his son Stevie J Jr. getting kicked off a Delta Air Lines flight from Los Angeles to Atlanta on Friday, Dec. 10.

On Monday, he spoke with TMZ in Los Angeles and explained his side of the story about being denied boarding access.

Stevie J. (Photo: @hitmansteviej_1/Instagram)

“Me and my son went to get on the plane, and it’s like we had the drink and we know we can’t get on the plane with the drink. So he like, ‘Yo, throw the drinks in the garbage.’ I’m like ‘Nah, we gon’ drink the drinks,’” he said, recounting the story with a smile.

The record producer said the airline employee once again directed him and his son to throw the drinks away, but he said he would prefer to drink the liquor instead and then throw the cup away. He said they did just that — and “didn’t even finish the drink” — when as they were proceeding to walk down the jetway ten people came “running up” on his son.

They told Stevie that they needed to talk to him and his son off the plane. So they got off, and, to his recollection, there were like “10, 15 cops outside.” The “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star summed up the situation to being a “Black and white thing” because he “never had a problem like that ever in my life.” He is also claims that the cops “wouldn’t have done this to a white person.”

Stevie told the TMZ reporter that he hasn’t gotten a direct call from Delta yet but his publicist has. However, he said that since the call just happened before his TMZ interview he is not sure about the details. He also said even though he threatened to get lawyers involved he said he isn’t sure of their next steps, adding, “We hope they come to the table and do something for us before we have to get into all that.”

The liquor in question that Stevie just was not going to let go of was Casamigos tequila.

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