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‘That’s Some Real Hater Stuff’: Faizon Love Slammed for Saying Comedian Nicole Byer Secured Her Netflix Special By Being an ‘Unfunny Black Woman’

Faizon Love is taking something of a public pummeling following his remarks about fellow comedian Nicole Byer

“The Parent ‘Hood” actor found himself at the intersection of support and criticism after sharing on social that he was not amused by Nicole’s sense of comedy in her newly released Netflix special “Nicole Byer: Big Beautiful Weirdo.” The actor, who is most famously known as Big Worm in “Friday,” also slammed the comedian for her ability to secure a special on the streaming giant despite, in his opinion, her jokes not being up to snuff. 

Faizon Love was slammed by social media users after insinuating comedian Nicole Byer is the “unfunny Black woman” version of him. (Photo: @faizonlove/Instagram, @nicolebyer/Instagram)

“So after very long consideration I felt the only way to get a Netflix special is to become a unfunny black woman…my new name is Nicole Byer…this is my transformation,” wrote Faizon along with side-by-side photos of his and Nicole’s faces. 

The post amassed just over 3,000 likes on Instagram but spurred plenty of conversation in the comments — many of which agreed with Faizon that Nicole’s jokes fell flat.

“I was hoping it would be funny but it was hard to watch,” and “I’ve seen enough of her stuff in the past to know that she’s not my kind of funny…Clearly she has a target audience and I’m not it…I imagine a lot us aren’t it,” wrote some social media users. 

One person who was taken aback by Faizon’s comment wrote, “Wow. It’s about to go down. Did she say something about u [sic]?” To which the actor simply replied, “No she is me. If I wasn’t funny.”

Others were straightforward with their disapproval of Faizon’s comments that read to thejm more like jealousy than just his opinion.

“It’s hard for you to be blessed if you hating o someone else’s just not your time and honestly nobody checking for you … respectfully,” commented one person.

Another wrote, “That’s some real hater stuff. You’re in your feelings because she got a special and you didn’t?!?!…Be happy for her as a Black woman d—n smh.”

Nicole has steadily gained traction in the comedy realm after regularly appearing on the MTV show “Girl’s Code” and then landing the role of host for Netflix’s popular baking-blunder show “Nailed It.” But even her rising star did not keep her from acknowledging Faizon’s comment. In a single tweet she sarcastically wrote in response to the issue, “This is nice and fun!”

Nicole is just the latest person to and on Faizon’s radar. In the past he has made several public figures the punchline of his jokes, as well as talking points when recounting some of the things he has seen during his stint in the entertainment industry. Most noticeably he made headlines last summer after alleging he and actress Gabrielle Union found themselves tongue-tied. Union’s husband, Dwyane Wade, spared no words when shutting down the moment of revisionist history.

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