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Faizon Love Says Kevin Hart Should’ve Gotten Millions From Netflix, Not Dave Chappelle

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“Netflix made a big mistake when they gave Dave Chappelle millions of dollars for his series of comedy specials.” That was the overall opinion of fellow funnyman Faizon Love, who recently stopped by “Sway in the Morning.”

He talked about the “Half Baked” actor after Monique’s beef with Netflix came up. As we previously reported, she accused the entertainment company of offering her less money than comedians like Chappelle, Chris Rock and Amy Schumer. 

Love also said instead of Chappelle, the large payment should’ve gone to Kevin Hart based on his recent accomplishments.

“They just like the n—-,” he said about Chappelle. “He’s talented but is he $40 million worth? To them he is. To me I was like ‘That doesn’t make sense’ … ‘Cause if you think about it, Kevin Hart is the king right now, so why would you give $40 million to a n—- who ain’t never do no stand up in like 15 years. Netflix, they’re star f—kers now. The last Dave Chappelle special I’m like ‘What the f— is this bullsh-?’ Because they were calling this n—– the king. Of what?”

Sway then defended the millionaire comedian and said the “Dave Chappelle Show” was iconic but according to Love, Charlie Murphy was the only reason it was funny.

He also said Hart deserved the millions from Netflix, because his success grew organically, as opposed to Dave whose career took off differently.

“Kevin Hart is homegrown, creative by himself,” stated Love. “Dave Chappelle is manufactured in Hollywood. He’s never done anything besides the show that was fire. This n—- was in movies with Tom Hanks in the early ‘90s that bombed. He’s never done anything besides the show that was fly.”

Love also pointed to some of the bad shows Chappelle had in recent years, like in 2013 in Hartford Conn. during the “Funny or Die Oddball Comedy Tour.”

Reportedly, as soon as the comedian took the stage, he got into it with some hecklers and told them to settle down. He then tried to tell a few jokes that didn’t go off well, puffed on some cigarettes and told the crowd that he was done with them.

“I only have three minutes left and when my three minutes is up, my ass is gone,” said Chappelle. “I’m going straight to the bank and doing night deposit.”

A week later, during a separate show, he explained what happened in Hartford and called the crowd “young white alcoholics, who were “suburban tortures.”

Then in 2015, some fans in Detroit demanded their money back after they said Chappelle only told a handful of jokes, walked around and smoked cigarettes like he did in Connecticut. 

But despite those bad performances and the “Blue Streak” actor not hitting the stage as much as he did years before, many thought Love’s criticism was off base and they let him have it.

“You’re a hater,” someone wrote.

But others were so upset that they decided to insult Love.

“You’re good, but you’re nowhere near as funny as Dave, and I’m writing this as I watch you on ‘Sway in the Morning’ with the bad Gucci pimp coat over that terrible ass fatigue t-shirt,” another person wrote. “So in a way, I understand it’s not about you being a hater, you’re simply a victim of bad taste. But no seriously, stop being weird looking for attention, dissing other Black men. It’s unbecoming. Stay blessed big worm.”

But there were others who said they agreed with Love and liked his interview.

“Thank you for exposing Dave Chappelle,” one person wrote. “I’ve been saying he’s a white comedian.”

As of now, Chappelle hasn’t responded to Love and Hart, who was a big part of the conversation, hasn’t weighed in either. However, in the past, both comedians talked about the admiration they have for one another and what they’ve been able to accomplish.

In fact, in a 2013 interview, Hart called Chappelle the greatest living stand up comedian and he was blown away at a performance of his.

“Chris Rock and myself were at a comedy club and we both watched Dave Chappelle, and at the same time we looked at each other and questioned why aren’t we that funny,” he said. “Dave Chappelle is a different type of animal. His comedic timing and talent is like no other.”

Then years later, in his 2017 Netflix special, Chappelle spoke about Hart and how successful he’s become. He also joked about his level of celebrity and admitted to being envious. “I was furious,” he quipped.

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