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‘I’m Telling Reign’: Toya Johnson and Reginae’s ‘Twinnem’ Video Derails When Fans Bring Up Reign 

Toya Johnson’s “Twinnem” video with her older child Reginae Carter got sidetracked after fans mentioned Johnson’s 3-year-old daughter Reign Rushing.

In the Instagram post shared on Dec. 9, the pair took part in the social media challenge inspired by Coi Leray’s hit single of the same name. The dance trend, which has become widely popular over the past couple of months, typically involves two individuals incorporating some dance moves related to the song’s lyrics.

Toya Johnson (right) Reginae Carter (left) have fun in a “Twinnem” challenge, but fans want to know where is Carter’s little sister Reign. @toyajohnson/Instagram

As the recording began, a matching Johnson and Carter were seen doing a dance and various hand gestures, including a salute, peace signs, and finger guns. In addition to the bonding video between mother and daughter, Johnson captioned the upload while tagging the 23-year-old, “My TWINNEM @itsreginaecarter.” As fans viewed the post, many of them noticed that Johnson’s youngest daughter Rushing didn’t appear in the clip. 

A handful of Johnson’s followers bypassed her video and mentioned the toddler in the comment section. The remarks ranged from an individual asking where she was to another stating they were waiting for Reign to take over the video like she’s done in the past. 

“Reign let yall get away with doing this without her?”

“I’m telling Reign.”

“Where is Reigny because…”

“Now y’all know Reign gone have a fit she ain’t in it.”

“I was waiting for Ms. Reign to take over the video!”

Among the Reign remarks, a couple of people mentioned how they adored Johnson and Carter’s bond. One wrote, “Love y’all bond keep inspiring.” Another said, “Yes, love it, mother and daughter, the bond no one can break.”

An Instagram user pointed out that despite the pair’s relationship, they could tell that Johnson doesn’t play when it comes to her daughters. They stated, “Yea, they made this a video….when I tell ya TOYA don’t play bout her GIRLS ya seen her face.”

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