‘Why Do All Kids Do This’: Toya Johnson’s Video Questioning Daughter Reign for This Hair Mishap Has Fans Hollering  

Toya Johnson took to her Instagram story on Monday, Nov. 8, to inform her followers about her daughter Reign Rushing‘s unexpected project.

In the recording, Johnson questions the 3-year-old after she discovers that Rushing has cut her hair.

Toya Johnson disclosed in an Instagram story that her 3-year-old daughter Reign Rushing gave herself a haircut. Photo:@toyajohnson/Instagram

The reality star began, while holding a ball of Rushing’s hair, “I cannot believe this girl cut her hair. Why would you do that?” As Johnson panned the camera to the toddler, Rushing responded, “I don’t know.”

As the clip transitioned, Johnson repeated the same statement. She said, “Why would you do that, though? You have beautiful hair. Why would you cut it?” Rushing then explained by demonstrating the look she was going for, which appeared to be a bob, that she wanted her mom to cut her hair. The toddler said, “I wanted you to do it.”

Following Rushing’s description, Johnson wrapped up the recording by telling her daughter not to cut her hair again. She stated, “Don’t cut your hair again, okay. That’s not good.” As fans viewed the video, their reactions to Rushing’s haircut were split. Some mentioned that children always do something without reason, while others pointed out that the haircut is a rite of passage.

“They don’t ever know nun when they in trouble.”

“Kids always be cutting their hair but don’t know why they did it.”

“Kids just do stuff and talk about idk later.”

“Why do all kids do this. I seriously would like to know.”

“This is a right of passage because all kids do something to their hair or eyebrows.”

Among those remarks, several people stated that Johnson should consider herself lucky that Rushing only cut a little bit of hair. One wrote, “Oh that wasn’t bad at least she didn’t cut a whole ponytail off.” Another said, “Looks like she clipped her ends to me. Nothing major where you see a difference or some bald spot.”

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