‘I’m So Proud’: 50 Cent Praised for Uplifting the Youth as His Business Lab Helps Future Entrepreneurs Secure Jobs

50 Cent is paying it forward by helping the youth jump-start careers as thriving entrepreneurs. 

The rapper-entrepreneur launched his G Unity Business Lab this fall in partnership with the Houston Independent School District and Horizon Unity Group. On Dec. 5 he shared that 66 students from the inaugural class of 75 had secured jobs. 

50 Cent says most of the students participating in his business lab have secured jobs. (Photo: @50cent/Instagram)

“Houston I’m so proud of this program 3 ward, 5 ward let’s get it [money bag emoji],” he wrote on social, showing off photos of some of the students and program facilitators. 

The twelve-week program is based on curriculum from the “I Get Money” rapper’s book “Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter.” 50, who also announced his move to Houston, Texas, last year, invested $300,000 into the program, which was then matched by HISD. Students participating in the after-school program came from local high schools — Kashmere, Phyllis Wheatley, and Worthing Early College.

“When you grow up under circumstances that I grew up under, it starts to feel like the biggest restraint is a financial restraint,” 50 Cent told the Defender Network when launching the program. “I just want to be able to help provide programs that allow you the information to do it the right way.”

The goal of the program “is to arm youth from urban areas with education and business acumen in the hopes they will be able to start their own companies or manage a company,” reads the program’s website.

Under the guidance of the “Power” television series executive producer, local business owners and others teach the students MBA concepts of business and product branding, marketing, and the ins and outs of running a thriving business. Students are also given the chance to earn seed money for their own business concept through a pitch competition similar to “Shark Tank.”

The positive update was refreshing for the rapper’s fans who have grown accustom to his trolling nature while on social media. “Always great to see programs for students to succeed,” read one comment. A few others stated, “What he has done for the Black community is insane,” and “Giving so many people opportunities when people counted them out! Great work bro.”

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