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50 Cent Reveals Which Part of ‘Power Book III: Raising Kanan’ Happened In Real Life

50 Cent has one of his lead characters in “Power Book III: Raising Kanan” channeling his real-life mother.

In the first episode of the “Power” spin-off series, viewers are introduced to Raquel Thomas, mother of Kanan, the latter character for which 50 Cent plays the adult version. In a scene, Kanan comes home crying after getting beat up in the park by other kids. Thomas reacts by putting some toys in her son’s socks and encouraging him to go back and stick up for himself.

50 Cent opens up about his mother. (Photo: @50cent/Instagram)

The New York native told Page Six that the scene wasn’t just creative writing, but that it “really happened.”

“That was from my life,” he said. “I got bumped around a lot in the park but I was more afraid of my mom than the people I got bumped around [by] because I could not escape her.” 50 Cent, born Curtis Jackson, tragically lost his mother in a house fire when he was just eight years old.

However, he can still recall that “she was everything. She would get mad at you and you say, ‘Oh sh-t — it’s not OK to be hurt this time.’ OK, so let me get up. So she determined when she should be soft and when she should be firm.”

This “Power” prequel saw its last episode release on Aug. 15. Now fans await as the new sixth episode will not premiere until Aug. 29. The rapper-actor recently discovered that someone was illegally selling his show in Harlem and had an interesting response to the news. He uploaded a cover of the disc on Instagram and wrote, “👀They up town bootlegging my shit on 125st in harlem. I don’t care how you watch my show just make sure you see them. 🤔plus if you got a DvD player chances are you don’t got cable. LOL @bransoncognac @lecheminduroi.”

“Power Book III: Raising Kanan” airs on the Starz app at 12 a.m., but won’t be released on the network until 8 p.m.
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