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‘Won’t He Do It’: Tamar Braxton Hints at Possible Return of ‘Braxton Family Values,’ But ‘Not on No Foolish Network’

A year after cutting ties with We TV Network, Tamar Braxton hints at the possibility of the return of her family’s show “Braxton Family Values.”

Over the weekend of Oct. 2-3, Braxton performed in Nashville for the 8th Annual Old School BBQ Festival. In between one of her performances, the “Hot Sugar” singer began talking to her audience before transitioning into the next song.

Tamar Braxton hints that “Braxton Family Values” may be returning. (Photo: @tamarbraxton/Instagram)

She started by asking her fans how many of them miss the show, then said, “What if I told you ‘Braxton Family Values’ is coming back?” Following that, Braxton made it clear that if the show were to return it would not be returning on We TV by saying, “not on no foolish network, I can tell you that.” This comes over a year after Braxton made claims that the workplace at the network was part of her reason for attempting to commit suicide.

On July 16, 2020, she was found by her then-boyfriend, David Adefeso, in their Los Angeles hotel unconscious after taking prescription pills and drinking. While recovering she put out a statement calling out the network and saying she was “betrayed, taken advantage of, overworked, and underpaid.” By July 31, We TV granted Braxton release from her contract with them.

The mother of one has since taken several shots at the network and claimed that she did not like how she was being portrayed on television. During her festival performance, she continued talking about the possible return of “Braxton Family Values” by addressing the portrayal of Black families on reality shows.

“The true depiction of a Black American family, it’s not a bunch of foolishness,” she began. “And the other part of the truth is I ain’t finna let the devil use me like that for people’s entertainment purposes. It’s a no for me, dog. I mean, I’m not saying that families do not go through stuff because we do. I’m not saying that sometimes we not ratchet, because we are. But only we can tell our story.”

“And if it can’t be done that way then it won’t happen,” she added. “But it looks like it will be done that way. Won’t He do it?”

There have not been any other updates on the status of the show’s return nor have there been any confirmation from the other sisters about whether the show is actually in the works again.

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